LARCHMONT – Drawing on personal experience in guiding culture change, high-stakes executive encounters and more, a new book by digital transformation leader Isaac Sacolick delivers a compelling account to help technology, data, and business professionals accelerate their careers and lead transformation.

In Digital Trailblazer: Essential Lessons to Jumpstart Transformation and Accelerate Your Technology Leadership, available now via Amazon, the former CIO and CTO takes a story-led approach to give readers a front-row seat into what goes on behind-the-scenes of leading digital transformations. He shares over 50 practical lessons and strategies readers can immediately apply to their work, such as knowing when to create a “shock-and-awe moment” that challenges the status quo, how to drive innovation with confidence, and how to let data guide in decision-making.

“Businesses will always be transforming, and they need Digital Trailblazers to drive innovation and establish agile transformation practices as essential core competencies,” Sacolick said. 

Sacolick has spent nearly three decades on the front lines of technology and business change, guiding digital transformations at companies across many industries. Along the way, he has guided a range of culture changes and leadership practices that have shaped the results of those transformations. In Digital Trailblazer, he applies his experience to help aspiring transformation leaders develop skills in these 10 areas: 

  • Transitioning to a leadership mindset
  • Navigating the DevOps challenges of technical debt
  • Controlling emotions and managing stress
  • Leading innovation and developing products
  • Driving agile practices, culture, and mindset
  • Developing a global mindset and transforming experiences
  • Leading data-driven organizations
  • Fostering high-performing teams
  • Collaborating with executives
  • Influencing participants in digital transformations

“Digital transformation is a process that will make or break a company – regardless of size or scope of that transformation,” said Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO and publisher of Subscription Insider, in her praise for the book. “It’s a scary concept for any executive or product leader starting on this journey. Isaac Sacolick takes his formidable digital transformation experience and expertise and translates that for the ‘rest of us’ who need to understand what we don’t know so we can successfully lead a digital transformation of our own.” 

Leading transformation is one of the most challenging roles in business and technology. By cultivating more Digital Trailblazers in their ranks, Sacolick believes organizations will see the accelerated benefits they expect from digital transformation. 

Digital Trailblazer is published by Wiley and available now on Amazon.

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