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Getting Spring Split, Logan invites new gang to help you a property inside the Santa Barbara

Getting Spring Split, Logan invites new gang to help you a property inside the Santa Barbara

Once they arrive, they learn that Malcolm Reese is actually testing out their the fresh fact show, “Gender Defenders”, in which they’ll be the original users. Within break fast the second morning, Lola highlights one blueberries try, regardless of the title, yellow just before Quinn needs knowing which consumed the woman “Frazz”, which they understand is Dustin, prompting a research him. New day’s challenge is an effective scavenger seem that ladies dump, despite daha fazla bul looking every clues very first, on account of Pursue that have Zoey’s Tek-Lover.

Springtime Split-Right up 2/2

Next day’s challenge are a makeover which have Lola’s attention getting trend rating the girls their first win. The very last difficulties was a good duel between Pursue and you can Zoey that have another team members spraying the new opposite chief that have drinking water which have the girls emerging winning, hence effective the group. At the eating, Malcolm Reese shows the complete battle was recorded and they commonly be on television. Just after Spring Break ends up, the brand new gang watches the latest airplane pilot regarding couch (where Dustin finally crashes regarding his Frazz higher) that have Lola getting a remarkable ribbon at the their towards the-monitor inclusion.

Someone Auction

Immediately after Sushi Rox burns off off, Zoey implies carrying a me Market to increase the $ten,100000 necessary to remedy it. Auctioning by herself out of near to Zoey and you may Nicole, Lola’s features are bought because of the Logan who has most of the about three lady become his own cheerleaders for another month, cheering getting their dinner and you can tanning. From the Zoey’s tip, the 3 following initiate cheering to have everything you Logan do (getting up, showering, rejection) annoying him concise that he pays him or her the fresh guaranteed $4,100000 only so they renders your by yourself. Lola is present on Sushi Rox’s reopening, acting as a photographer.

Quinn’s Alpaca

Whenever Quinn gets depressed down seriously to the girl alpaca Otis’s despair, Zoey, Lola, and you will Nicole throw this lady an enthusiastic “Alpaca Cluster”, Lola acquiring a keen alpaca pie, in order to make their friend actually sadder. On the interim, Lola tries to secret Logan on the stating his past name so you’re able to stop the fresh new guys’ “No S” bet simply for Logan to work it. The three lady soon have the ability to reduce Quinn’s depression insurance firms Otis flown in order to PCA towards the week-end.


Addressing their brand new dormitory earliest, Lola states the big bunk in advance of Nicole are only able to is informed of the Zoey one Nicole will never be back into PCA on account of the girl “Obsessive Male Sex Disorder”. After they come across Quinn was not tasked a space, Zoey and Lola is guilted to your revealing their place together with her, Lola unwillingly letting go of the woman key thus Quinn can be move around in.

Immediately following Zoey and you will Lola attempt to discourage Quinn off doing frustrated research in the area, Pursue will come in asking to dicuss so you can Zoey alone. Desperate, one another Lola and you will Quinn think Pursue tend to in the end admit his thoughts into blond, Lola also extract brand new passageway Ginny towards area to confirm just how apparent Chase’s smash are. Just after Lola affect knocks more Quinn’s bee retreat, she hides around a blanket. Due to the fact bees refocus their attention into Coco, Zoey departs to speak with Chase much to Lola and Quinn’s activities.

Chase’s Wife

When Zoey discovers one to Pursue keeps a unique partner, Rebecca, Lola and you can Quinn quickly turn facing this lady on the principle. In the event that gang suits Rebecca however, she quickly gains them over, praising Lola’s appearance and you can stating she is always to model. Now taste Rebecca, Lola happily welcomes the woman on her behalf cure for washing.

Character records

Lola was an aspiring superstar whom came to PCA once Dana moved away (from inside the 12 months dos); Lola turned into the fresh roommate off Zoey, Nicole. Due to the fact a participating do it, Lola pretended to get an excellent “slutty goth hottie” on her first day in the PCA, scary Zoey and you can Nicole concise that they need to sleep in tents external, rather than display a space together. However,, immediately following reading a call revealing new operate, the newest concert try right up. Another day, Zoey and you may Nicole possess an artificial battle to exhibit Lola one the woman is not only person who can work. Lola is quite seriously interested in this lady dream of are a famous Hollywood celebrity, and you can convinced off profitable a keen Oscar of the the woman 19th birthday celebration.

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