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Neta Auto launches Tech Brand “Hozon Intelligent Technology” To Lead Further Development Of Intelligent EVs

SHANGHAI – On November 21, Neta Auto held a press conference in Shanghai to unveil its global technology brand “Hozon Intelligent Technology”, which consists of three sub-brands – Hozon Supercomputing; Hozon Electric Drive; and Hozon Extended Range, along with three original and forward-looking products – the central supercomputing platform for intelligent vehicles; the 800V SiC high-performance electric drive system and the high-efficiency 3-in-1 range extender.

The Hozon central supercomputing platform adopts the central computing architecture and the SOA, or service-oriented architecture. It is highly intelligent and adaptable to different platform models.

The platform has supercomputing power, a large capacity of memory, and abundant peripheral interfaces. Its computing power is up to 1000Tops, supporting Level 4 autonomous driving.

The Hozon 800V SiC high-performance electric drive system is composed of three parts and adopts the industry-leading fully built-in cooling circulation structure, which features the 3-in-1 design with a high degree of integration. The system has three highlights: “high pressure”, “high speed” and “high efficiency”.

The electric drive system has excellent performance, with a peak power of 250Kw, a maximum speed of 21000rpm, a maximum torque of 420N.m, and the maximum output torque of 4600N.m. It is applicable to both 400V medium voltage (MV) platforms and 800V high voltage (HV) platforms. It enables a vehicle to travel up to 200km after only five minutes of charging. The overall battery life increases by 8%. At the same time, the system noise is reduced by five to eight dB.

The Hozon high-efficiency 3-in-1 range extender boasts four technical features: small size, low cost, high efficiency, and good tranquility. The range extender provides four power operation modes: all-electric; extended range drive + battery charging; extended range + battery drive; and security guard.

Neta Auto has launched the Neta S, the Neta U-II, and the Neta V so far this year, enjoying considerable popularity in the market. Neta Auto has initiated its global strategy. In terms of monthly sales, the company has led other new forces in China’s automotive industry for four consecutive months. The number of the company’s customers worldwide has exceeded 220,000 million.

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