Some wise man once said, “Dream big, follow your
passion, work hard and dedicate yourself to achieve
the aim of your life.” Inspired by this, Erwin Foo
Yong Jio, setup his revolutionizing firm ENOVAX PTE
Ltd, an innovative multi-platform IT-solution providing
company, a member of PUC BERHAD, a listed company in
Malaysia. With an extensive portfolio of offerings behind
its back, ENOVAX serves some of the major global
technology firms of the world including Deloitte, Hitachi,
Fuji Xerox and Abacus.
In the mid of 2017, ENOVAX was acquired by PUC
Berhad, but it still operates largely out of Singapore
although its innovation and technology contributions now
focus primarily on PUC’s products, namely PRESTO and
Erwin’s poverty-stricken background could not stop his
dreams to grow or his ambition to build a multi-million
dollar firm. As mentioned by The Sunday Times, a
Singapore Newspaper on an article published in November
2015, “Poverty and a family tragedy spurred Mr. Erwin Foo
to make the most of his opportunities.” Growing up in a less
privileged family, Erwin, CEO at ENOVAX PTE LTD,
harbored a deep aspiration to make a good living and that
motivated him to build the company not long after
graduating from National Taiwan University with a
Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science and Information
Engineering and some years of vital industry and
commercial experience.

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