DUBAI – The global crypto market continues to decline. The APR of BTC in financial products on other crypto exchanges has been as low as about 5%, compared with 10%-20% in a bull market. Cryptocurrency players lost confidence, but a principal and interest-guaranteed financial product recently launched by AEX Global, a digital life service provider – “Smart Savings” quickly attracted the attention of crypto whales. According to AEX Global’s asset management team, the amount of the first two rounds of Smart Savings has been fully subscribed in 20 minutes after launching. Plenty of V8 users invested hot coins including BTC, USDT, DOGE, and LTC into Smart Savings on AEX in a bear market, which is the evidence that they are bullish about the cryptocurrency industry in the long run and think highly of the asset management team of AEX.

The APR of the underlying USDC and USDT is based on the subscription, the more you subscribe, the more the interest rate will raise. Moreover, Smart Savings provides an exclusive benefit for new users. AEX Global has been operating steadily for 9 years, with zero security incidents. Its financial products follow the principle of guaranteeing principal and interest, and users can obtain the highest returns in the industry.

AEX Global Smart Savings is a principal and interest-guaranteed financial product that by raising BTC and USDT(more coins in the future) to purchase mining rigs and manage yield, enables users to obtain returns in tokens and at the same time perform option hedging to reduce asset value fluctuations and other risks. Taking BTC Smart Savings as an example, after raising the fund, AEX will place orders for mining rigs(88.5T~150T) from our partner Bitmain and let them work in places all over the world such as New York, California and Texas.

As to the most concerning issue of how to avoid asset security risks, the AEX Global CEO Allen said: “Smart Savings undertakes the preliminary work of finding mining farms, following the local procedures, technical/machine maintenance, etc. At the same time, it adopts the risk control mechanism of option hedging to avoid the risk of loss due to cryptocurrency price fluctuations. Of course, there is another risk that comes from the local regulations. If the local regulations change, AEX Global will relocate the mining rigs as soon as possible. The cost is not borne by the user.”

Smart Savings’ charm has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency users around the world. It has launched 5 rounds with a total of 1600+ BTC, 28 million USDT, 135 million DOGE, 45,000 LTC, and 6 million USDC for subscription and all have been subscribed in a very short time. At present, V8-level users of all over the world have begun to enjoy the benefits from AEX’s services. Since this product is in a limited-time trial operation, there is no financial data displayed on the platform. As the number of participants increases in the future, AEX Global will invest in more technical personnel to develop a visual real-time data display to ensure every income of users is fair and transparent.

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