SAN FRANCISCO – Altir, a product studio and force multiplier for innovation while altering outcomes for businesses, today came out of stealth. Altir offers unique capabilities to create and grow disruptive digital products and platforms from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Founded by a team that comes from the world’s most iconic companies (i.e. Microsoft, Accenture, Apple, Google and Salesforce), Altir enables companies to build and scale faster.

There are more than 3,000 global accelerators and incubators, but none of them are able to take an idea, bring it to market, offer the team to build it, and turn it into reality in the most time efficient and cost effective manner. Altir is disrupting the traditional process with an IP-driven model that is proven to help entrepreneurs and enterprise executives develop, launch, and grow transformational digital products, platforms, and businesses.

Altir uses its product creation platform to increase the speed of innovation for its partners through four key areas: People, Technology, Process, and Network. By bringing together a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers who are all builders and system-thinkers, Altir is force multiplier helping companies accelerate innovation and unlock trapped value in enterprises. With its innovative technology and IP capabilities, Altir enables its partners to create and launch products with turn-key, proven capabilities that increase the speed to market while at the same time reducing technical risk to scale. Through decades of experience, Altir “productized” its processes and methodologies to create a system that can operationalize and scale a business faster. Altir leverages a network of people, organizations, and technology capabilities to create a broad ecosystem of resources that help alter outcomes for its partners.

“Altir has massive ambitions to reinvent global industries through design-centric innovation and building disruptive new products. We are a true swiss army knife for our partners. We provide proven turn-key capabilities that create an unfair advantage,” said Seth Marlatt, Founder and Managing Director at Altir. “We know what it takes to build the entire house on time and under budget. Our entrepreneurial mindset and partner-centric approach delivers unparalleled outcomes for our customers.”

One of Altir’s first portfolio companies, Soundful, went from an idea and prototype to a game changing, AI music creation platform that is disrupting the music industry and creator economy in only a few months. “Altir is an unfair advantage and force multiplier. It’s like having another co-founder on your team. They are all in with you. They invest their time and resources and care deeply about the outcome. It’s a completely new approach and one that has been fundamental to my company’s success.” said Diaa El All, Founder and CEO at Soundful.

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