GLENVIEW – Beltone, winner of Newsweek’s “Best in Hearing Care Retailers” award revealed today that it has once again expanded its product line with the introduction of the new Beltone Imagine™ Custom rechargeable hearing aids. The new hearing aids restore natural hearing in a sleek and comfortable earbud design. They are available in modern In-style™ or Blend-In colors, are weather-and-sweatproof, and last all day on a single battery charge.

“Beltone is committed to creating innovative hearing aid technology and incorporating stylish designs that will allow our patients to feel confident in wearing their hearing aids in all aspects of life,” says Beltone President, Mike Halloran. “Because of their modern design, these new custom rechargeable hearing aids offer a different approach to treating hearing loss than what is traditionally thought of for hearing aids, and we are excited for those ready to start their hearing health journey with Beltone.”

Beltone’s custom hearing aids are molded to fit users unique ear canals to provide all-day comfort. The customized earbud design sits in the ear so users can wear glasses or face masks with ease. With sound that adapts to every situation, the custom hearing aids are suitable for those with active lifestyles as they are weatherproof-and-sweatproof and nano-coated inside and out for continuous wear and easy cleaning. Users will be able to connect to life easier with hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone and iPad* with a simple tap of a button. They can also easily stream music and take calls from Android™ smartphones directly to the ears. Additionally, users get up to 24 hours of quality sound on a single charge, so they can feel confident about joining any conversation throughout the day. Check out a short video about Beltone’s new custom rechargeable hearing aids here.

Additional features:

  • Using advanced technology, the hearing aids adapt automatically to different sound environments, allowing users to stay in control even in extra-noisy environments.
  • Easily adjust the hearing aid sound with the Beltone HearMax™ app available for iPhones and iPads or Android smartphones.
  • To add to the ultimate personalized experience, users will receive custom charger to pair with their custom hearing aids.

The Imagine Custom rechargeable hearing aids will be available beginning June 29 at any of the 1,500 Beltone hearing centers.

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