SEATTLE – Bloomz, recipient of the Supes Choice Award provides powerful and consistent communication through its alerts and announcement system. Bloomz enables teachers and parents to communicate through messaging instantly and privately. It can be used at the classroom level and by administrators at  the school level to facilitate communication with teachers, staff, and parents, whether individually, in groups or to the entire school.

As a teacher, being able to reach families is critical. With Bloomz, administrators don’t need to worry about messages getting lost in email or not reaching families. It can be frustrating when information is missed and families are left out of important communication from schools. Through the Dashboard Reports & Analytics,  administrators at all levels have valuable insights into the who, what, when & how for all aspects of home-school communication. Administrators can quickly and easily identify the unreachable and take action to ensure contactability. Teachers do not need to share personal phone numbers, Bloomz provides everything that is needed all within one streamlined and secure parent teacher communication app.

Rather than rely on multiple tools, everything administrators and teachers need is available right within Bloomz. Some of the key features that make Bloomz stand out above other similar platforms are:

  1. Auto-notice Notifications (Robocalling) to send automatic voice notifications to the whole parent community. 
  2. Text-to-speech which enhances communication by automatically converting a post text into voice content for auto-voice notifications.
  3. Language, audio & text customization for accessibility
  4. Pinned announcements for time-sensitive messages. Announcement will be pinned to the post of parents’ feed for a specific period of time.
  5. Urgent notifications: In the event that urgent information needs to reach everyone in the school community, alerts will override their notification preferences and send them to reach your community in all possible ways. Schools & districts with robocall functionality can send automatic voice notifications to their whole parent community.

Having this system in place, all within one comprehensive platform, makes it easier, more efficient and effective for providing the right support for all students. The social media-like interface of Bloomz makes it easy to share updates to an entire school or district, or to a specific parent. The entire school community benefits by having a program in place that meets the needs and preferences of each of its members.

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