SAN JOSE – VAVA announced its 720P Video Baby Monitor is available with a little more personality. In addition to white, parents can now purchase the monitor in calming hues of blue, pink, and green to match the backdrop of the child’s nursery.

Peace of Mind with the VAVA Baby Monitor

For any new parent, baby monitors are an important safety feature for a child’s room because they allow moms and dads to monitor their children as they sleep. Outfitted with a large 5″ HD display, the VAVA baby monitor offers peace of mind by allowing parents to monitor their child for sleep disruptions or health issues. The two-way talk system also makes it easy for moms and dads everywhere to hear when their child is crying or in need of attention.

Add More Color to Your Nursery

With more color options to choose from, parents can complement the theme and design of their baby’s nursery with the VAVA Baby Monitor. Available in white, pink, blue, and green, VAVA’s latest Baby Monitor can match any nursery design – from pretty pink princesses to dinosaurs and race cars. The baby monitors also come with a variety of convenient features that make it easy to monitor your child from anywhere in the house.

Enjoy Convenient Features

The technology behind VAVA’s Red Dot Award winning 720P Video Baby Monitor is truly remarkable and one of the reasons why it was recently listed as one of the Best Baby Monitors of 2022 on Tech Advisor and Babylist. The wireless connection makes it easy for parents to watch their children from anywhere in the home, and up to four cameras can be connected to a single monitor. For added convenience, when multiple cameras are connected to the VAVA monitor, parents can activate scan view mode. This function will automatically switch between visual input from all the cameras.

VAVA 720P Video Baby Monitors in white, green, blue, and pink are now available for purchase at the VAVA Official Store for $179.99.

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