• The Reno8 series comes equipped with MariSilicon X for the first time, which provides powerful computing power for graphics
  • With its unprecedented, dedicated image processing power, MariSilicon X brings a next-level portrait video experience to the latest Reno8 Pro 5G
  • As the company’s R&D into imaging technology pushes forward, OPPO will continue to bring even more professional portrait photography and videography features in the New Year

DUBAI – Say farewell to 2022 and ring in the New Year with OPPO’s self-developed imaging NPU, MariSilicon X found in the Reno8 Series, allowing users to capture the most breathtaking memorable moments with loved ones with ease and simplicity.

Since the Reno series was first introduced in 2019, OPPO has continued to evolve its camera technologies to meet the growing demand for smartphone imaging capabilities. From 10x hybrid optical zoom, FDF portrait video technology, IMX709 RGBW sensor, and self-developed AI-enhanced algorithms, to OPPO’s first self-developed imaging NPU – MariSilicon X.

MariSilicon X is the first self-developed imaging NPU built by OPPO, which took thousands of people over three years to complete. It is the most advanced 6nm imaging NPU on the market, with 3.6 billion transistors integrated into a single chip. It delivers 18 trillion operations per second (18TOPS) and offers an incredible 11.6 TOPS per watt power efficiency.

The dedicated imaging NPU delivers both the immense computing power and the low power consumption that is needed for advanced image processing performance on mobile devices. What’s more, MariSilicon X can be upgraded through continuous software-level tuning and optimizations, making it possible to further extend the upper limits of computational videography on smartphones in the near future. Such dedicated computational power is the key to bringing the Portrait Expert experience on the Reno8 Pro 5G to an entirely new level, offering even more possibilities for Reno users to look forward to.

Empowered by MariSilicon X, users can enjoy the possible portrait camera experience in even the most challenging situations on the Reno8 Pro 5G, whether that be low light or backlit conditions. With 4K Ultra Night Video, users can capture ultra-clear portrait videos at night, while 4K Ultra HDR Video optimizes portrait videos taken in the presence of strong backlight. Both features can significantly improve image quality and color expression in pictures, avoiding over-exposure in bright areas while retaining the maximum amount of detail in dark areas. Ultimately, the Reno8 Pro 5G is capable of producing crisp, pure, detailed, and colorful videos even at night, making it the ultimate companion this New Year’s Eve.

Packed with incredible camera features, the OPPO Reno8 5G elevates the Reno Series to a new level of portrait performance ensuring users capture unforgettable memories, whether watching spectacular fireworks illuminate the night sky or joyful portraits from a vacation away from home with loved ones. As the ‘Portrait Expert’, the Reno series is the culmination of our mission to bring you the right camera and the best imaging features needed to capture the beauty of New Year celebrations exactly how you envision it, powered by MariSilicon X.

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