AUSTIN – Clearyst Inc., a sustainability technology and ESG platform company, announced today its mission to help businesses accelerate strategic sustainability initiatives while creating value for employees, customers, and investors. According to experts including McKinsey and BCG, the world needs to invest at least $3-5 trillion per year in order to transition the economy towards net-zero.

Clearyst° was formed to bring together purpose-driven teams and innovation to achieve outsized business growth and impact through specialized sustainability tech solutions. Led by Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Paul Ghiz, a 25-year impact technology leader, and Co-Founder, President, and COO Chris Robinson, former Goldman Sachs banker and Marine fighter pilot, Clearyst’s world-class team brings deep expertise in ESG, sustainability tech, SaaS products, customer experience, people operations, finance, data science, and revenue operations.

Clearyst° is building an AI platform and acquiring businesses to help companies quickly act on ESG and sustainability objectives through performance, intelligence, learning, and integration products. Clearyst’s centralized shared services and proven framework will drive economies of scale and accelerate innovation through its operating companies.

“We are experiencing one of the largest and most important societal shifts in history with environmental, social, and governance priorities propelling businesses toward a more sustainable future,” said Ghiz. “Today, employees want to support critical ESG imperatives such as clean air and water, employee equity, and mental well-being. Customers and investors are rewarding businesses who are acting on ESG. Our solutions will assist in ramping up the workforce to execute on key sustainability objectives and create more value for all stakeholders.”

“Strong investor demand for companies operating more responsibly for the good of people and the world, along with ESG regulations in the works, have shifted the focus in the board room,” said Robinson. “Both public and private companies, large and small, are seeking ways to align employees to meet sustainability goals and our solutions are going to greatly assist them in these efforts. We want Clearyst° to serve alongside businesses during this journey and enable them to execute this the right way.”

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