Connecting Today And Tomorrow: SIMCom Milestone! 20 Years Of Innovation, Growth And Development.

SHANGHAI – The last two decades have witnessed the fastest evolution of wireless communication technologies reshaping modern society. SIMCom a world-leading supplier of wireless communication modules and solutions, is consistently being a dominant pioneer in the industry starting from 2002. Over the past twenty years, SIMCom has been leading the change with its competitive products via continuous optimization based on the demands of vertical markets. According to the report by ABI Research, SIMCom led the world in wireless communication module shipments for four consecutive years from 2015 to 2018. Ever since then, SIMCom has remained one of the major wireless module suppliers worldwide.

As the trailblazer in the cellular module industry in China, SIMCom’s focused R&D capabilities are the core factor giving impetus to SIMCom’s journey of globalization. Underpinned by its two-decade-long technological accumulation, SIMCom delivers wireless connectivity with extraordinary stability and reliability delivered into thousands of commercial application cases.

To meet the needs of ever-increasing IoT applications and the fast development of wireless communication technologies, SIMCom has developed a diversified product roadmap including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LPWA, GNSS modules, automotive modules, and smart modules. SIMCom modules cover various vertical IoT segments such as smart energy, smart automotive, smart payment, telehealth, security monitoring, smart city, telematics, smart industry, and smart agriculture.  

SIMCom has developed a solid service network that has been set up via the joint efforts of both online and local support teams distributed all over six continents. With a large number of investments in equipment and professionals. SIMCom has set up a high-tech 5G R&D center in Chongqing, the tech hub in southwest China, which has accomplished independence in advanced wireless products development.

The success of SIMCom has not only developed from its technological advantages but also owing to its well-proven management system. The stringent quality control process ensures every step of production including R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, after-sales services, and continuous improvement to meet the industrial standards. Meanwhile, all-around services are provided to customers in terms of global regulatory and MNO certifications, technical consultancy, and support throughout a product’s life cycle. The customer-oriented business philosophy has made SIMCom the perfect partner for more than 10,000 customers in 180 countries and regions across the globe.

It is entering an era of smart connectivity powered by 5G and AI. As a more reliable way, everything will be connected to the cloud. 5G facilitates a ubiquitous network that can meet the diverse connectivity needs of the smart IoT, spurring digital transformation in multiple vertical industries. Yang Tao, the CEO of SIMCom, pointed out that the cloud and terminals are the two sides of the coin in the process of IoT development. SIMCom will constantly increase investments in 5G and AIoT and roll out a series of products and solutions targeting the applications of cloud platforms and intelligent terminals to create future-proof values for customers around the world.

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