NEW YORK – Deloitte Digital, the experience consultancy, announced its new TrueServe™ solution, an integrated suite of contact center technologies built with industry-specific insights and accelerators. This solution enables organizations to transform their contact center into a digital, nimble, responsive, connected and empathetic contributor to overall business operations and customer experiences. With a right-channel approach, data-driven insights, and an accelerated speed to value, TrueServe enables companies to mitigate today’s top service challenges.

Contact centers are changing by 2023According to Deloitte’s “Global Contact Center Survey 2021,” fifth edition:

  • Fifty-six percent of contact centers will prioritize customer experience over cost.
  • Seventy-five percent of contact centers will move critical service tech to the cloud to support more flexible and dynamic work, workplaces and workforces.
  • Seventy-nine percent of contact centers will invest in additional artificial intelligence capabilities.

“Consumer expectations for better service experiences are continuing to rise, and changes in technology and workplace dynamics make it difficult to keep up without disrupting what’s working,” said Andy Haas, TrueServe general manager, Deloitte Digital. “TrueServe is a flexible, data-backed solution that integrates seamlessly across channels for a unified experience, and is built to evolve with the needs of our clients while continuously accelerating the path to value.”

By working with leading technology companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, and, Deloitte Digital is helping organizations deliver a differentiated customer and employee experience with this cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, and analytics-driven contact center solution. TrueServe solves for two major issues facing businesses today: increased contact volume and demand amid an ever-growing need to improve customer experience, and a severe shortage of available workforce worldwide. All the while, the industry continues to evolve, and TrueServe offers a ready-to-deploy means of elevating customer experience and improving company environments at any stage in an organization’s digital transformation.

  • Rightchannel approach: TrueServe elevates customer and employee experiences while helping to control contact center costs. It gets customers into the right channel based on their needs, which allows contact center agents to allocate their time toward higher-value interactions and increases organizational capacity to handle higher volume through complementary channels without sacrificing level of service.
  • Data-driven insights: TrueServe enables a more responsive contact center by providing dynamic operational and strategic insights through built-in capabilities like sentiment and customer behavior analysis, performance visibility and reporting, voice and text analysis, and both real-time and historical cross-channel reporting.
  • Accelerating time to value: TrueServe is a modular, ready-to-deploy solution designed to support flexibility in technology stack and provide out-of-the-box relevance and utility with pre-built industry-specific accelerators. With a connected ecosystem and suite of tools, Deloitte Digital provides a single, trusted source for service transformation.

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