SINGAPORE – In the first half of 2022, the “Metaverse” concept reached an unprecedented popularity peak marked by the release of the new NFT assets of BAYC. In just a few weeks, it has calmed down with the decline of the Web3 market, and numerous NFT projects are facing the pressure of roadmap progress and metaverse construction. However, metaverse games are not instant products; professional development, large-scale operation, and maintenance can be pretty challenging for most PFP projects. For DigiNation, metaverse game + NFT is a familiar combination, and they actually develop a platform to help those Web3 projects creating own metaverse.

DigiNation is a framework and portal for 3D metaverse games; projects and communities may develop various kinds of games based on it. And after the integration of the NFT contract, holders can enter these games with their own NFT to engage for social, game missions, and customized token economics.

Unlike other metaverse projects, the design and positioning of DigiNation are not just to create its own metaverse game but to support as a middle layer for metaverse games. In other words, DigiNation provides NFT projects and developers with a toolkit that allows them to create customized metaverses and interact with other metaverses in the same ecosystem. Starting from the underlying infrastructure, DigiNation can help new projects to land metaverse games in a short time without complicated development and maintenance of software and hardware.  

DigiNation has recently made some updates in terms of products to meet market demands and announced the launch of new ecosystem products based on iOS and Android.

Ecosystem products based on iOS and Android

The primary focus of DigiNation is developing the mobile version and releasing ecosystem products based on iOS and Android in Q3. 

Combined with the operational experience of the DigiNation team and the current game market situation, developing the mobile version is a vital expansion strategy. It can also significantly improve the actual game performance data of the project. At the same time, the market and operational experience from the team will be used in the traditional game field to actively introduce traditional game players in various regions into the DigiNation metaverse. Although there are still numerous glitches in the compatibility between the mobile version and crypto applications, DigiNation hopes to be able to blend a practical model with appropriate adjustments and strategies.

Previously, DigiNation has extended its integration strategy with existing crypto projects. Some collaborations have been reached but not all announced. Once the framework of the mobile version matures, several games in collaboration with different crypto projects and developers will be published. In addition, the framework of DigiNation supports token economics during game development and leaves the developers to decide whether and how to use it.

Expansion of the DigiNation account system

Games built with the framework will also connect to the DigiNation account system, including Web2 and Web3 accounts. Web2 accounts are the ones registered through traditional methods, e.g., Emails. Web3 accounts consist of native published DigiAvatars NFT and other integrated NFT through collaborations.

Players who enter the ecosystem with Web3 accounts enjoy significantly improved privileges and interests compared to Web2 players, such as higher weighting in each game economic system and even a global multiplier under the ecosystem.

Each integrated Web3 project is categorized with a coefficient based on the contribution to the ecosystem through collaboration with DigiNation. This coefficient will significantly affect the benefit of individual players from the project.

“Babel”, the new flagship of DigiNation

After the Alpha Test, the next important launch of DigiNation will be a metaverse game based on the DigiNation framework, codenamed “Babel”. This game will be cross-platform, supported with iOS, Android, and PC, and promoted to both Crypto and Non-Crypto game players.

“Babel” was developed by DigiNation in cooperation with an experienced game team in Singapore as the first customized metaverse game under the DigiNation framework. As a flagship, it will fully demonstrate the advantages and extensibility of the DigiNation framework and serve as a gateway for future customized metaverses. It is expected that Play 2 Earn will be enabled sometime after its launch and will support all NFT projects integrated with DigiNation to participate.


Undoubtedly, the metaverse’s core assets are the user-generated content by players in the games. More players can only be attracted to the games when the content is rich.

What DigiNation builds is an aggregating game platform with highly modularized technical resources and common interested player groups. For communities with plans for metaverse games, the products and services brought by DigiNation can significantly accelerate the roadmap progress and enhance community cohesion.

As the crypto market slumped, confidence has been cracked down. And it is the right time to demand more high-quality and reliable products, that help to support and rebuild the market confidence. DigiNation, with its abundant experience and unique business model, is pioneering the edge of gamefi, and may eventually create a brand new metaverse concept with a widened horizon.

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