GREENVILLE – DOM360, an industry-leading, full-service digital marketing agency and AI software company that generates millions of leads for automotive dealerships across the country, announced its recent success in creating a one-of-a-kind digital campaign with Qvale Automotive Group, headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, that resulted in more than a $547,000 (968%+) increase in new revenue.

Early in 2021, Qvale developed a new service department process that was more transparent for its customers and unique in the industry. With fewer cars in operation and a shortage of inventory amidst surging demand, Qvale embraced digital tools and created a more robust customer experience. From the customer perspective, auto service has often caused uncertainties. Uncertainties about knowing what repairs are necessary and the breakdown of costs versus wait and see.

“Creating the best customer service has been the core of what we do best. Launching an exceptional and digital car-buying experience needed to extend to a more positive service and repair program. We knew we had the right idea in mind and needed our vendor partners to help make our vision real. We cannot be more pleased with the results and continuing to build on our innovative excellence,” said Geno Walsh, Qvale Executive Manager of Operations.

Qvale identified and selected three vendor partners focused on what DOM360 calls vision, collaboration and customization. The first vendor provided technology for both the consumer and Qvale. This technology offers a video and summary of repair needs from the service team to the customer who gets to approve or decline. This removes uncertainty, providing full transparency and a highly robust and easy service process for both the customer and the dealership.

The second vendor selected compiled data to enable actionable insights, showing what vendors or partners are doing for you so you can properly plan your budget.

Qvale, having established a long-term relationship with DOM360, brought the DOM360 team to the table to create a brand for Qvale’s new innovative service process along with a series of campaigns to drive awareness and service appointments for their dealerships. DOM360 is known for its ability to collaborate and customize with its client partners to define an innovative approach with guaranteed results.

“When we first engaged with Geno and Qvale regarding this unique opportunity, we knew the measure of success would result from building on our existing and developing new partnerships, calling upon our years of agency expertise. Within a couple of weeks, we developed custom creative and utilized the latest digital media tactics to launch Qvale’s service program that resulted in a 968%+ return on investment within the first 90 days. Through the power of partnership, we combined the right vision, customized the right strategy and accelerated collaboration for this big win,” said Robert Donovan, CEO of DOM360.

DOM360 developed a customized branding story through video, website, email, social media and SEO/SEM tactics, leading to substantial results that continue to grow beyond the established timeline campaign parameters.

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