SINGAPORE – Encentive has integrated its Web3 operating system with the TokenPocket to enable TokenPocket’s millions of users to access the Encentive platform as well as Encentive users to have further DeFi wallet options. TokenPocket supports leading chains/cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, TRON, HECO, MATIC, AVAX, OKT, EOS, FTM, Polkadot, Cosmos, IOST, and more.

The TokenPocket tie-up adds momentum to Encentive’s drive to increase crypto adoption and everyday use cases with the Encentive Web3 OS DeFi Module Builder, a turn-key solution that enables community leaders, influencers, and enterprises to instantly create and customize modules for their own DeFi marketplaces for crypto tokens and NFTs. Encentive’s Web3 OS capabilities include farming, staking, NFT market places, GameFi, OTC, and more. With these tools community leaders who use TokenPocket can dramatically increase the empowerment and growth potential of the communities they serve. Encentive enables anyone with a community following to create a DEX overnight and customize the DEX’s properties to best serve and incentivize that community.

In recent months, TokenPocket has integrated a number of leading Web3 projects such as TwitterScan, GateChain, and BitTorrent Chain.

TokenPocket effectively becomes a powerful extension of Encentive’s Web3 OS. The partners will jointly explore Web3 development opportunities, particularly to optimize the user experience, adding momentum to Encentive’s core mission to help users and organizations to leverage powerful Web3 applications. Moreover, as the Encentive and TokenPocket ecosystems deepen their integration, a leading model for application deployment and access will emerge, lowering barriers and accelerating the inevitable migration of Web2’s billions of users to Web3.

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