SINGAPORE – EVO SURFERS, a blockchain-based game, has caused a stir since its launch with its play-to-earn mode. Players of EVO SURFERS, a civilization evolution game, are placed in a typically integrated gaming platform that combines DeFi + GameFi + metaverse. A stronger immersive gaming experience also plays an instrumental role in keeping the players hooked in the game, creating a large user base to enrich the social interaction among players.

At the heart of the EVO SURFERS’ wide popularity among players is that players are able to see directly their investment of time being translated into monetizing incentives in many different ways. That means the more they play, the more likely they will get a higher profit. 

Breaking the tradition of pay-to-play mode of the traditional video games, EVO SURFERS players will enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance, making it more than just gaming. Players are rewarded cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens or in-game assets, such as avatars, weapons, and costumes. The players have the ownership of these assets, which are freely tradable at open market outside the game on NFT marketplace or crypto exchanges.

This way, players will be incentivized to stay on the game, in the meantime doubling down on their investment of time in the game.

Players of the EVO SURFERS are offered many different ways to generate profits. One typical way to make money is by liquidity mining or pledge mining, in which they will be directly rewarded DeFi tokens.

They will make a fortune if their NFTs and tokens appreciate in value. In a special gameplay, players will also receive loyalty when others use their props or lands. This way, their profits flow in effortless and unlimited.

One of the key NFTs in the game is Cacha, a cartoon of skeleton to represent the name of the character image used by the players in the game. Players can get Cacha through purchasing blind boxes, such as Genesis Egg, Patent Egg and Fashion Egg, available in the early stage of the game. Players with these eggs will have a certain chance of winning Cacha, even the limited ones, giving them the upper hand in the game as they have a head start.

They can make a buck by simply sitting and waiting for the loyalty fee.

For example, for early birds who have dibs on Cacha or patents of props in EVO SURFERS, others creating NFTs with this prop will have to pay.

In a similar vein, patented eggs are up for grabs by auction. Users using the patented prop to complete task or create new props in the game will need to pay the owners of the prop.

A fully-fledged gaming ecology, EVO SURFERS is designed to meet the different appetite of the gamers. For users who don’t want to take risks, they can simply stick to the play to earn way. It’s also possible to simply get in early and hold the NFTs and in-game items as digital assets and investment and wait for their value to appreciate.

Those who wish to play it through mining can focus on liquid mining or pledge mining to acquire EVO tokens, which can be converted into USDT in 7-day or 14-day conversion. In this way, the price of conversion will be 10 percent or 5 percent higher compared with a direct exchange.

What are you still waiting for? It’s still anyone’s game. Join EVO SURFERS to begin your GameFi journey!

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