Hazel Quinn Launches The World’s First True Filter-Free Slow Juicer

HONG KONG – The new kitchen appliance brand Hazel Quinn announced the launch of the world’s first true filter-free slow juicer today. With six patented technologies, including a revolutionary no-filter design, this product brings customers an easier usage and cleaning experience than ever, all while maintaining efficient juice extraction, fiber-rich pulp, and optimal nutrition that pleasantly nourishes their body and mind. The Hazel Quinn slow juicer is now available for pre-sale on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

At a time when consumers are living in a fast-paced world and their attention to well-being is growing, balancing efficiency and healthy life has become an important theme for every industry. The Hazel Quinn slow juicer, designed to be an energy-refueling base, can be one of the solutions that gives users a kick start to their days without making preparation at home exhausting and time-consuming. Its biggest highlight is the true filter-free structure that avoids nooks and crannies, fundamentally cutting down on cleaning time and preventing bacteria growth for hassle-free and high-quality juicing. From fruits to vegetables to leafy greens, the exclusive auger thoroughly squeezes and liquefies ingredients while maintaining pulps that the gut will love. This gadget is also easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the four juicer accessories. Moreover, its one-button removal of the juicing body, anti-drip nozzle, dual fixation technology, and simple appearance also contribute to making it straightforward to use, clean, and store for both beginners and juicing enthusiasts.

“We’re thrilled to release this kitchen appliance to the public,” said Ellis Bailey, Research and Development Director of Hazel Quinn. “Determined to create an innovative slow juicer to solve juicing pain points faced by home cooks everywhere, we spent more than 16 months developing it, and we believe it will revolutionize the way that people up their intake of fiber and vitamins.

Not only that, but this tool will break the barriers of what a cold press juicer could be—by relieving customers from daily chores and prioritizing their precious leisure and family time that truly cultivate joy and vibrancy. We realize this goal with the extreme pursuit of ease of use, a minimalist aesthetic, and the ultimate concern of customers. “

The Hazel Quinn slow juicer retails for $129 and is now available to purchase for a super early bird price of $65 on Indiegogo and Kickstarter for time-limited crowdfunding campaigns.

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