Now With Parental – Manager Alerts

COLORADO SPRINGS, – i-Drive, the only Mobile App combating distracted driving — and its heart, smartphone addiction — is now available for iOS and Android.

i-Drive’s patented score-based trending technology measures the amount of time the phone is being used while driving and is keeping parents and managers in control of at-risk drivers with alerts that notify when an at-risk driver is actively using their device while behind the wheel. In the United States, there over 230 million registered drivers and internationally there are 1.9 billion estimated behind the wheel. The dangers of driving while distracted from mobile phone use are growing daily and now have become the leader of motor vehicle deaths above drugged/drunk driving. Smartphone technology causes approximately 26 percent of all accidents in the world. 9 people are killed in the U.S. daily because of this growing issue, causing devastation to families left behind.

How i-Drive is combating distracted driving and smartphone addiction

– Parental/Fleet Manager Alerts – Real-time push notifications of when an at-risk driver is actively using their device while behind the wheel.

– Trends Analysis – Understanding a driver’s score(s) and analyzing daily/weekly/monthly and yearly scores, i-Drive helps save money on insurance and breaks the dangerous cycle of addictive behavior of using a smartphone while driving.

– Educational Resources – i-Drive constantly seeks out and networks with driver advocacy groups and driver education programs which give the user tools in order to make better-informed decisions and support to break the bad habits.

About i-Drive

i-Drive is an emerging technology firm and Veteran Owned Business that focuses on combating addiction to smart-phone technology, providing distracted driving solutions through the use of driver trends analysis. Smartphone addiction is a big problem and with any addiction, acknowledging what your problem is and how it affects others is a good start. Actively participating in your recovery and having educational support is how an addiction is defeated.

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