Treasury and Trade Finance management has become a core function of the corporate, driving the corporate’s business continuity and sustainability. Even though we know this to be true, many companies, including large corporations, manage their treasury, trade finance, and supply chain finance functions, manually, using basic assets such as excel sheets. However, in the post-pandemic era, automation has spread like wildfire and Corporations have realised the value of automation in critical corporate finance function for ensuring business continuity.

With best-in-class TreasuryTech solution corporations have the opportunity to optimize processes, leverage analytics for past performances, and mitigate and manage risks more efficiently by benefiting from a truly connected ecosystem. IBSFINtech, an Indian Enterprise TreasuryTech company for the corporates provides end-to-end digitisation and automation solutions for the cash and liquidity, treasury, risk and trade finance management (TRTFM), and supply chain finance requirements of medium, large and very large corporates.


Currently one of the top 10 global leaders in their niche, IBSFINtech established themselves as the leader in this segment in India. A home-grown indigenous company, IBSFINtechwas established by ex-bankers who boast a rich and credible experience in technology, banking, finance, and treasury. The core team at IBSFINtech is also highly experienced, enabling in-house domain and technical expertise. Their products are developed in-house from the ground-up.

Journey So Far

In 2013, IBSFINtech launched solution’s beta version and acquired The Times of India (Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd) which is India’s largest publishing house and widely read news daily as their client. Every subsequent year, marquee corporations of the country trusted IBSFINtech for their treasury automation journey. The company experienced an accelerated growth, especially post-pandemic, as the mandates for digitization for the critical treasury function started flowing in top-down from the Board and Management.

Their client list showcases some of the prestigious firms in India, Singapore, and Switzerland including:  Vedanta Group, Wipro Enterprises, Olam Agro India Ltd, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Mphasis, JSW Steel, Mahindra & Mahindra, Sai Life Sciences Ltd, Bluestar Ltd, Polycab Ltd, Future Group, HCL Corp Group, Sonalika (International Tractors Ltd), Snapdeal, JSW International Tradecorp Pte Ltd (Singapore), IMR Metallurgical Resources AG (Switzerland), and more.

In 2021, the company entered into SaaS with the launch of SaaS TMS, InTReaX™ and SaaS Supply Chain Finance platform, VNDZY®.

Why IBSFINtech?

The havoc wrecked by covid-19 has communicated the importance of digitization and automation to business owners across various verticals. The top management of several companies have realized the true potential of digital transformation and are investing heavily in end-to-end automation, especially of some of the most critical functions of their business.

IBSFINtech’s biggest USPs is the comprehensiveness of the solution which today drives the digitization for the complete landscape of cashflow, liquidity, treasury, risk, trade finance as well as the supply chain finance functions of the corporate. Describing their engagement with their corporate clients, IBSFINtech becomes the Technology Partner in Growth, enabling scalability of operations through the configurable platform and leveraging futuristic technologies for staying ahead on the technology adoption curve for the corporate clients.

Secondly, they have proven integration capabilities and are emerging as the universal integration layer between corporate ERPs and Bank’s core financial services thereby enabling a truly connected ecosystem.

With open banking gradually emerging as the futuristic concept for Indian and international banks, IBSFINtech is increasingly becoming an integral part of contemporary financial services. IBSFINtech is also emerging as a unique player offering On-Premise as well as SaaS-based cloud TMS. In-house product development and implementation, adds to another USP as this improves the customer engagement. On top of that, the company is on the path of continuous evolution leveraging the cutting-edge financial technologies like ML, AI, and RPA.

IBSFINtech’s Offerings

IBSFINtech has multiple product offerings in their portfolio at the moment. IBSFINtech’s solution is an “all in one” product, covering multi-asset class, multi-currency, multi-location and multi-company. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Innovative Treasury® 7i & Innovative Trade Finance® 7i (On-Prem)

This product comprises of multiple modules including,

  • Cash & Liquidity Module
  • Currency Module
  • Hedge accounting Module
  • Investment Module
  • Commodity Module
  • Import-export & Banking management Module
  • Borrowings Module
  • IBSFINtech’s SaaS TMS InTReaX™ – powered by Refinitiv data & Analytics

InTReaX™, launched in partnership with Refinitiv, is a new-age automated treasury management solution that helps clients simplify cash & liquidity management, currency risk management, and gain crucial market insights.

  • IBSFINtech’s VNDZY® – SaaS solution for Supply Chain Finance

VNDZY is a SaaS solution focused on supply chain finance management that facilitates both corporations and suppliers to create a win-win scenario in the entire ecosystem. It helps ensure automated risk monitoring and makes the entire supply chain lifecycle more seamless through end-to-end digitization.

The Future of Treasury

Digitalization in this era is moving towards “a connected ecosystem” which invites all the stakeholders in the value chain to be part of the digital journey, empowering the entire value chain with the power of technology. In this connected ecosystem, the technology player performs a pivotal role in bringing together the corporation, banks, and financial institutions. IBSFINtech is playing a pivotal role in building a truly connected and digitized ecosystem. The company is growing aggressively and have plans to expand footprint in ASEAN, MENA, Europe, and the United States while continuing to be leader in this space in the home country.

The company entered into SaaS with their new product launches, a SaaS TMS, InTReaX™ and a Supply Chain Finance Platform, VNDZY®, and they plan to launch many more products in the next few months catering to the core Corporate Finance function as well as the peripheral areas. The company is also augmenting the existing product portfolio by integrating the latest technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain.

Our ultimate goal is to make accessible treasury, trade finance and supply chain finance automated solutions for all corporations, irrespective of their sizes, to generate substantial economic value for all stakeholders.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

  • Winner of Corporate Treasurer Awards 2021 (Singapore) for Software Provider – APAC region.
  • Recognised as Technology Partner for our Clients:
    • Treasury Management International (TMI) Awards (UK)
    • The Asset Triple A Awards (Hong Kong)
    • Recognised at Global Finance FX Provider Award (New York)
    • Adam Smith Asia Awards (Singapore)


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