SAN FRANCISCO – Can the high-energy excitement of the crypto-token investment space be a force for good? That’s the idea driving development of the new Devil Dogs NFT series—a crypto token project crafted to support America’s service members.

The first-of-its-kind project aims to leverage Web3 technology to achieve both real-world and virtual benefits, with opportunity to purchase unique and tradeable “everyday hero” tokens. Proceeds will be directed to crucial veteran services.

In its initial release, Devil Dogs (DVL.DGS) is offering 1775 unique and inspiring bulldog tokens, commemorating service in the U.S. Marine Corps, with a mint date planned for this fall.

The DVL.DGS NFT initiative is headed by Dave Grannan, a Silicon Valley tech CEO & Gulf War veteran. “Our Devil Dogs NFT project sits at the intersection of two issues I care deeply about,” says Grannan. “As a Gulf War veteran, I know firsthand how our veteran healthcare system is falling short. And, as tech executive, I’m very bullish on the future of crypto, blockchain and most things Web3.”

As the project grows, DVL.DGS plans to donate over 90% of revenues to vital veteran’s charities. Specifically, the project aims to amplify the impact of organizations focusing on core veteran’s issues, including access to health care, suicide prevention and homelessness.  Devil Dogs also plans to support education and financial literacy programs that help veterans better re-integrate into civilian life.

The campaign’s current beneficiaries include the  Marines’ Memorial Association & Foundation, The 38 Challenge, Irreverent Warriors and The San Diego Veterans Coalition. 

The DVL.DGS campaign features two ways to give: investors can purchase an NFT to support wellness initiatives and/or donate an NFT directly to an active-duty service member. Grannan and his team are targeting this fall for a first official minting. But donation NFTs can be purchased right now at the project’s website, 

Grannan believes the project will speak to a lot of people who understand the challenges faced by veterans, as well as both crypto curious and seasoned investors ready for more purpose-driven NFT holdings. “If you’re crypto-curious, this project can be your safe on-ramp to the crypto world,” says Grannan. “And if you’re a crypto native, I ask, ‘Don’t you want a warrior in your collection who’s truly metaverse ready?'”

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