No Crypto, No Problem. Introducing Campground, The First Creator NFT Platform That Delivers Blockchain Value Via Fiat Currency.


Blockchain is for All Creators

Campground, whose public beta is launching on July 7th, envisions a world where creators can bootstrap their viral moments, and delivers on this vision by pairing its flexible content creation engine with exceptional creator economics powered by blockchain. Unlike any NFT marketplace or other blockchain-based creator economy solution, creators can be paid as usual via Campground’s proprietary system, in fiat currency (USD), directly by their followers, without having to invest in or receive payments in cryptocurrency.

Via “Trails”, creators on Campground can create and sell single-step artistic creations like artwork, songs, video tutorials, or comedy sketches, as well as 10-step modern music albums or 1000-step e-learning courses. Access to exclusive content is gated via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing access tickets, which may be resold by purchasers on Campground. Creators are paid a royalty on any subsequent transfer.

How to Join

Campground is launching a public beta on July 7th, 2022. Creators who list their content as exclusive content or content-backed NFTs on Campground keep 95% of earned revenue. Early adopters may also apply to receive incentives such as early NFT offering verification, whitelisting for native token sales or drops, and gratis Campground collectible NFTs and perks. Learn more about Campground by visiting

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