HOUSTON – Original Digital Corporation, Inc. announced Wednesday it has completed integration of a cash-out feature for the OGPay® Mobile Wallet. This new feature allows for ATM cash-out directly from the OGPay Mobile Wallet at more than 20,000 ATMs across the United States.

 The OGPay Mobile Wallet now includes an “ATM Transactions” clickable icon. This new feature allows OGPay account holders to enjoy secure cash-out transactions from the OGPay Mobile Wallet with no need for a physical bank card.

OGPay account holders simply request cash from their Mobile Wallet and receive their cash.

OGPay offers a single service digital money management solution. The OGPay Mobile Wallet and OGPay Visa® Debit Cards are FDIC insured and the system offers the most immediate and cost-efficient way for users to manage their money, globally or locally. OGPay account holders can pay bills; pay for goods and services; send and receive money around the world, online or offline; buy and sell crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and more, all while enjoying secure and insured custody of all cash and digital assets within the OGPay Mobile Wallet and Digital Assets Vault.

With OGPay, easily, quickly and securely manage money and assets, all day and every day, in one easy-to-use, multilingual, multi-currency mobile app.

OGPay is an innovative beacon of technology progress that transforms how people think about how they use their money.

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