BEDFORD – One of the most successful and popular pro cyclists to come around in many years, Peter Sagan, will launch his collection of NFT art as part of Project FUERZA. The power and biometric data-inspired NFT art program launched on July 1, with some of the most famous names in modern cycling; Sagan’s recent addition marks their largest, highest-valued collection to date.

Sagan quickly became a fan favorite when he burst on the pro road cycling scene in 2010, thanks to his bigger-than-life personality and seemingly superhuman ability to win in a wide variety of races. Working closely with Sagan, Project FUERZA’s artists took inspirations from both his gregarious personality, ridiculous power and biometric numbers, and incredible talent on almost any terrain to create this new NFT artwork.

“I love how my FUERZA NFTs have each been able to capture not only some of my passions outside of cycling, but also blow me away with the creativity of taking my power data and turning it into art,” says Sagan. “So many of my pieces are just so beautiful and I am excited to share these with my fans.”

The resulting images – in a combination of styles including pop art, modern, impressionist and others – are as striking visually as the information infused into them. For instance, in one classic pop-art style NFT, Sagan and the artist pay homage to a famous Sagan Tour de France victory where he actually unclipped from his pedal during the sprint, reclipped in, and won the sprint! The visuals tell the story with a cartoon-like “Pow” to show the mishap, laid over colorful graphic representations of his data that lend a frenetic feel to the work to mirror the mayhem of a pro cycling sprint finish.

There are 12 works available now in Sagan’s collection, but that will grow to around 50 over the next month or so. The first batch will include, among other major races, Sagan’s Tour of Flanders win in 2016, his first-ever Green Jersey win from Stage 2 of the Tour in 2012, and his first of three World Championship wins in 2015.

Along with selling the original NFTs individuals, starting around $5000, FUERZA will also offer around 1000 variations (including data files) for $300 each. And for one lucky, and presumably well-funded superfan, Sagan will also offer his entire collection, once it’s complete, with a price tag in the multiple millions.

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