SAN FRANCISCO – Qi Zero is bringing his expertise as a former VFX artist with credits on over 40 major studio feature films as well as his background in Virtual and Augmented reality, machine learning, and immersive experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer to bear with his debut NFT collection. Tagged The Mutant Presidents, the edition of 46 1-of-1, “Signature Edition” living paintings will be officially launched on May 2nd, 2022 on OpenSea.

The global NFT market has practically exploded in recent times, cutting across several industries. However, Qi Zero aims to bring a whole new experience to blockchain enthusiasts and lovers of digital arts with the launch of The Mutant Presidents. The collection offers the Presidents of the New States of Mutant America resurrected as engineered beings by the Immortal AI.

It is 1000 years in the future and the earth’s mightiest have fallen due to several factors, such as radiation, DNA warfare, climate collapse, and mass extinction. However, an immortal AI continues to watch over it and has decided to restore humanity to the earth once again. This is the plot created by Qi Zero through The Mutual Presidents NFT collection.

The Mutant Presidents, which is the first part of a larger story that aims to chronicle the fall of humanity through art and the rise of the immortal machines re-engineering life on earth is particularly unique as a limited edition non-moving series, which is also minted with a supply of 100. Qi Zero delivers a fantastic experience to the virtual space, with his background in emerging tech ensuring an enjoyable feel on future holographic displays from other vendors.

Qi Zero has also announced plans to release more NFT projects as well as follow-on series based on the same post-apocalyptic theme of an AI supervising the return of humanity to devastated earth, and some unrelated works using ongoing evolutions of the AI algorithms he is building.

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