LOS ANGELES – Resecurity, Inc. (USA), a Los Angeles-based cybersecurity company protecting major Fortune 500 giants worldwide announced today that Frost & Sullivan recognized the company in its Frost Radar™: External Risk Mitigation and Management (ERMM) Platforms (2022) Report. ERMM enables enterprises to accelerate preventive mechanisms to manage digital risks across their ecosystem and mitigate them successfully. The Frost & Sullivan report details the organization’s market research, identifying trends in the market and top vendors and tools in the cybersecurity market. Inclusion in this report is a major milestone for Resecurity®, as the recognition validates the company’s position as a top provider in the space. Resecurity’s SaaS-based solutions are available in the leading cloud marketplaces including Amazon AWS, Oracle Cloud Marketplace (OCI), and Microsoft Azure available in more than 54 geographies with full compliance for organizations in both private and public sectors.

Resecurity® successfully delivers four strategic pillars to protect enterprises from digital risks: mapping out the digital attack surface area, monitoring the threat landscape, mitigating scam and phishing attacks, and managing a comprehensive risk strategy to protect an organization’s external-facing digital assets beyond its network perimeter. Common use cases include brand, domain, social media, and data leakage protection by scanning the surface and dark/deep web for potential threats.

In addition, Resecurity® solutions consolidate CTI, DRP, and EASM capabilities into one unified experience as external risk mitigation and management (ERMM) platforms. Organizations around the world leverage Resecurity® to analyze up-to-date threat intelligence and correlate it with their own cyber risk profile and environment to protect critical assets. Based on Frost & Sullivan’s expert assessment the demand for Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solutions has skyrocketed as cyberattacks targeting organizations’ brand equity, customers, and employees are on the rise.

Resecurity® has been also recognized in the Frost & Sullivan TIP (Threat Intelligence Platforms) Market report for 2022. “Resecurity has demonstrated impressive growth rates in the last three years. Its growth strategy is based on a ‘reach and access’ approach to threat intelligence as well as on the company’s ability to provide visibility on the areas that really matter to customers. This strategy is aligned with Resecurity’s vision of reimagining cybersecurity operations“. Clara Dello Russo, Senior Research Analyst, Security Frost & Sullivan.

Resecurity is elated to be included in the Frost & Sullivan ERMM Platforms Market Report for 2022. Coverage in this report validates our expertise and technology leadership. We provide the leading technology that empowers organizations of any size to reimagine cybersecurity and protect what matters the most. Resecurity helps enterprises to increase their visibility into external risks coming from Dark Web and malicious cyber activity originating from advanced threat actors and cybercriminal groups. Combination of actionable threat intelligence and cutting-edge solution for digital risk management enabling CISO and information security teams to reduce ‘blind spots’ and improve enterprise cybersecurity posture with 10x multiplier on practice” – said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

Exposure in the Frost & Sullivan report will expand Resecurity’s reach in the industry, as many organizations look to Frost & Sullivan for market research and intelligence. Poised to grow further, Resecurity has global reach with partners in MENA, APAC, LATAM, and North America engaged in selling and promoting their threat intelligence and digital risk protection solutions in multiple market verticals including financial institutions (FIs), e-commerce, energy, technology, media, government, and aerospace & defense (A&D).

Recently Resecurity products have been named a Gold Winner by the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in North America. Resecurity products and services received Gold recognition across 3 categories in highly competitive categories such as cyber threat intelligence (CTI), threat hunting, and third-party risk management (TPRM):

  • GOLD WINNER for Cyber Threat Intelligence in North America: Resecurity® Context™ Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform
  • GOLD WINNER for Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) in North America: Resecurity® Risk™ Supply Chain Risk Management Platform
  • GOLD WINNER for Threat Hunting in North America: Resecurity® Hunter™ Research & Development

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