ASHBURN – Revolution Payments reveals a proprietary software that ensures that every credit card transaction qualifies for the lowest possible interchange rates. The software runs behind the scenes to automatically enhance and populate the transaction data needed to qualify for the best possible interchange rates 100% of the time.

Similar to how word processing has spell check, now the payment processing has an automatic data check.

Most businesses just don’t have the time or resources to qualify for the best rates 100% of the time. Those that are receiving the best rates, there is no guarantee they can sustain that success. 

The card brands change rates and rules every April and October, not to mention there are over 700 different interchange rates that vary depending on : the type of card, how it’s processed, type of industry, size of transaction, and other factors.

Companies that are using Revolution Payments interchange optimization service don’t have to try and keep up with all the updates.

Their software automatically adjusts based on market value keeping merchants processing at the best rates 100% of the time.
The software will catch potential interchange downgrades and automate level II and level III credit card processing rates.  

The level III credit card processing component can lower a merchant’s interchange fees for accepting commercial and government credit cards by 30%-40% before a processors rate is even reviewed.

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