COLUMBIA – Sealing Technologies, Inc. (SealingTech), a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that provides innovative cybersecurity solutions, introduces the GN 7000. SealingTech’s GN 7000 analytics node artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) edge server is an enhanced version of the standard SN 7000. The GN 7000 provides enterprise AI/ML capabilities in a form factor that allows for Cyber Defenders to easily travel and maintain positive control of potentially sensitive data. Traditionally these high-end enterprise components had to go into large data center racks and weigh over 100lbs, prohibiting cyber defenders from traveling with the equipment to rigid environments. 

The SealingTech GN 7000 has the latest NVIDIA AI GPU, an A100, an NVIDIA Bluefield-2 DPU, a 64-core AMD processor, multiple 100Gbps network ports, and up to 128TB of storage. In addition, the server’s form factor fits rack-mounted into a carry-on compliant transit case with a total travel weight of under 50 pounds. 

Key Features

  • An aluminum chassis design that provides maximum rigidity and strength at half the weight of a comparable steel chassis.
  • Carry-on compliant form factor ensures that positive control is always maintained when traveling.
  • A 1200W redundant power supply and a computer-modeled high airflow system that enables full capacity of the A100 GPU.

“With the release of the GN 7000, we are meeting the needs of our customers and enabling them to compete with adversaries by rapidly processing billions of records and training their AI/ML models at the edge,” said Ed Sealing, founder and CEO of SealingTech. “We have already begun shipping the GN-7000 and have received very positive feedback from the fielded units. This product continues to reinforce our commitment to ensuring our warfighters have the best technology and automation to defend our nation.”

Our partners and customers are actively using the GN 7000 with a range of hypervisors, operating systems, and AI/ML software tools to enhance their DCO missions. The use of NVIDA Morpheus – a framework for AI cybersecurity processing – has helped our partners accelerate workloads and significantly reduce the time required to complete their missions. Other tested use cases include running Kubeflow pipelines, Apache Spark processing engines, and TensorFlow-enhanced DCO workloads. SealingTech is continuously working to ensure that our warfighters can utilize AI/ML-enhanced DCO workloads at the edge.

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