BENGALURU –¬†Infosys , a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today announced a five-year agreement with Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aerostructures for commercial airplanes, defense platforms, and business/regional jets. Infosys will collaborate with Spirit AeroSystems to provide aerostructure and systems engineering services for product development of commercial, business jet and emerging aircraft programs, and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services.

This strategic collaboration builds on 16 years of longstanding relationship between the two organizations, during which Infosys has provided innovative design solutions for some of Spirit’s aerostructure programs. As part of this engagement, Infosys will offer end-to-end product development services, including design engineering, sustaining engineering, systems engineering, stress engineering, manufacturing engineering, and repair and maintenance. Leveraging knowledge-based engineering and engineering automation, Infosys also aims to accelerate product development across the value stream. In addition, Infosys will support Spirit to secure highly efficient structural designs and a robust certification process, contributing to the manufacture of innovative, lightweight, and more sustainable aircraft structures and components.

The Aerospace Center of Excellence at Infosys has a track record of world-class execution of design and engineering solutions for over 22 years. With deep capabilities in aerostructure design spanning conceptualization to release, mature composite design, and engineering automation, Infosys collaborates with 7 of the top 10 global aerospace companies and has been recognized as a leading player in aerospace and defense manufacturing.

“At Spirit AeroSystems, we believe our ability to continuously advance our offering at design and engineering levels is one of our competitive differentiators. Our longstanding collaboration with Infosys means we are well-positioned to co-innovate on critical stages of product development, ensuring we continue to pursue the highest standards in quality and airworthiness. This strategic agreement further reinforces our strengths and will leverage mutual synergies to accelerate the development of world-class, sustainable aerostructures and services across our commercial and aftermarket business segments,” said, Dr. Sean Black, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, Engineering and Technology, Spirit AeroSystems. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Jasmeet Singh, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing, Infosys, said, “Now more than ever, aerospace and defense organizations need to rapidly reinvent their digital foundation. We are thrilled to deepen our strategic collaboration with Spirit AeroSystems and accelerate their digital transformation, by pushing the envelope in design and product engineering. With our investments in aerostructure engineering and next-gen technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud, we are confident of delivering compelling value to Spirit and take our collaboration to newer heights.”

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