NEW YORK – SwopX, the first AI/ML-driven NFT platform, is making it safer, transparent, and easier to mint, buy, sell and swap NFTs while earning rewards through their native cryptocurrency utility token Apreum (APU). With secure off-chain protocols to prevent malicious attacks and lower fees, SwopX offers effortless transactions with only a few clicks. Furthermore, with their powerful AI/ML data analytics features, users get price appraisals, floor forecasts, wallet activity, trending insights, and detection of unusual activity to prevent fraud such as pumping, forgery, and price manipulation.

Apreum was first released on the Bitmart exchange in February of 2022 with high demand from investors who saw the price surge more than 1,000% inside one month. With a limited supply of 1B tokens, APU has a 40% allocation towards community activity, rewarding all users for transacting on, and offers additional premiums for listing NFTs for sale.

“We are continuing our bold mission to build a fully integrated digital assets platform that brings huge price efficiencies to our users and enterprise clients. We have created a new Lending Protocol that allows collateralized lending against NFTs, and will be releasing a Collections Protocol this month that allows anyone to create a collection with thousands of unique tokens,” said Anwar Alruwaili, Senior Blockchain Scientist.

SwopX has the largest database of NFTs and leverages more than a decade of AI/ML expertise in big data analysis to provide price appraisals, floor forecasts, suggested borrowing rates, and image authentication for any collection. SwopX also offers a powerful API suite that enables large and small enterprise clients to build these powerful AI-based analytics capabilities into their own apps.

“With the current economic crisis, people are caught blind sighted and lack transparency. We come in with analytical tools to fill the void in the market. We are excited to provide something new to the NFT space with our Lending Platform which gives liquidity to NFT owners, and connects retail investors and DAOs who are looking for a low risk staking alternative,” said Tigran Tovmasyan, Chief Marketing Officer of SwopX, adding that “we are pleased to provide anyone with the opportunity to participate in the NFT economy, and get rewarded with an active utility token while doing so on SwopX via our Apreum community rewards program.”

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