Edge has taken the front seat with the rising demand for new applications. While consumers want high availability and low latency for real-time experiences, enterprises and telecom operators need to focus on improving local processing for resilient and secure operations. They need to deploy complex storage and network-intensive apps to edge clusters. Software management, thus, has become intricate, posing a severe problem for enterprises and telecom operators. Identifying this gap almost a decade ago, Mr. Partha Seetala formed, a hyper-converged cloud-native Kubernetes platform deployed at scale and running some of the complex data-and-network-intensive applications for large enterprises & service providers.


Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Seetala, could make rapid strides in the market by abstracting the complexity of provisioning a wide variety of modern infrastructure on demand and driving everything from the point of view of applications. specializes in solving challenges such as automated deployment, scaling, and lifecycle management of enterprise, edge, and telco applications through cloud-native technologies powered by Kubernetes.

What does do? has built an award-winning, industry leading hyper-converged platform that accelerates easy deployment and lifecycle management of various data-and-network-intensive workloads. aids in the simplification of data protection and management of entire pipelines of applications by protecting and making them resilient to infrastructure failures. empowers the world’s leading enterprises and service providers to put the power of application automation into the hands of the experts building, deploying, and managing the life cycle of the applications.’s Kubernetes framework provides all the essential features that help organizations roll out business- and mission-critical applications at high speed. These features include intelligent placement of workloads, auto-scheduling, self-healing, auto rollout, rollbacks, and disaster recovery, among others.

Recently, was acquired by Rakuten Symphony, catapulting its team and products to form the foundational layer of the Unified Cloud Business Unit of Rakuten Symphony Inc.


As organizations work towards rolling out business-critical applications on quick timelines, caters to their needs of automation, management, and monetization of these applications in a simplified manner. One of the key reasons prospects prefer over others is their notable involvement in edge projects with mobile operators. reduces the number of cloud platforms that enterprises or telecom operators need at the edge, running both VMs and containers, which enables scalable automation of rollout, upgrade and auto-heal apps at edge locations.

 According to the team, open architecture in edge applications will expand and evolve superfast to deliver more value to organizations. Hence, this approach aids operators in maintaining agility and adds new enterprise applications and services on the go, resulting in accelerated top-line revenue growth.’s automation and orchestration software for edge infrastructure configuration and application lifecycle management is bridging a massive gap in the market today, thereby contributing to the market growth.

Leadership at

Mr. Partha Seetala, President, Unified Cloud BU, Rakuten Symphony (formerly Founder and CEO at, has more than 20 years of technology and product vision and expertise within this industry. With experience comes vision and wisdom, which Mr. Seetala leveraged significantly during the inception of and continues to do so as keeps on growing. He has taken multiple fully-featured products from concept to market. Further, he has also conceived, designed, and built products inscale-out distributed storage, file Systems, networking, distributed systems, big data, information analytics, and containers/Kubernetes space. This elaborate and diverse experience has compounded and contributed to the fast-paced growth and success we see at

Notable Achievements has been a pioneer in its industry and continues to lead the way for more market leaders to follow through with innovation and technology. The team has been awarded more than 75+ U.S. patents in application and infrastructure awareness, application orchestration, and storage architecture and data management. These are all critical components of the innovative technology that brings to the market.

Apart from that, was featured in CRN’s 10 Hottest Kubernetes Startups of 2021. Robin Cloud Native Storage (CNS) was a finalist in the Cloud Storage category in Search Storage 2021 Products of the Year Awards. Robin has also won recognition under the Most Innovative Cloud Service Award – GLOTEL 2021. To add another feather to the cap, also won the Automation Solution Award for the Leading Solution for Network Automation/Autonomous Networks. The list of accolades and awards for doesn’t seem to end there. Recently, was also recognized as the “Best Container Storage.” Robin’s trailblazing journey is a testimony to outstanding leadership, agility, and constant innovation.

The Road Ahead

After’s acquisition by Rakuten Symphony, Robin’s technology innovations have gotten a much bigger canvas to bring their vision for cloud-native transformation to life. has the vision to deliver simple-to-use, easy-to-deploy, hyper-scale automation to its clients. will continue to enhance its product roadmap with advancements in automation, AI-based analytics, multi-tenant observability, scale, and open standards adoption. Within the next two years, is bound to witness an exciting new phase where it works to bring a larger ecosystem together and deliver higher value to its customers all over the globe.

Client Testimonials

“’s cloud capability is proven to be effective for the most demanding mobile workloads. We believe it will allow Rakuten Symphony to safely accelerate cloud-native transformation for our customers and prepare the industry for the future.” : Tareq Amin, CEO, Rakuten Symphony

“’s Cloud-Native Platform scales seamlessly from the developer desktop to public cloud and on prem GPU clusters. This capability provides our clients with a reliable and secure solution to manage accelerated workloads at the edge.” : Kyle McCrindle, CTO, Denvr Dataworks

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