Powered by the new PD 3.1 charging protocol, Ugreen’s Nexode 140W Charger puts the “fast” in fast charging.

  • Hyper Fast Charging: The cutting-edge PD3.1 protocol allows the Nexode 140W to charge the MacBook Pro 16” to 56% in 30 minutes using a single port with an output wattage of up to 140 watts.
  • One Charger For Everything: With 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A port, charge two laptops and a mobile device simultaneously. No longer will users be contained by traditional, single-port charging bricks.
  • A Safe & Lasting Charge: The Power Dispenser System adjusts power output to devices, extending battery life. Ugreen’s Thermal GuardTM system takes 800 temperature readings per second for additional safety.
  • A Greener Approach: GaN chips produce less carbon per chip, making them a more environmentally friendly charger, compared to silicon chips.

WILMINGTON – Ugreen, a leader in mobile charging, is announcing the newest member of its Nexode Charger family: the Nexode 140W Charger. This charger is setting the standard for being one of the faster, most convenient chargers available; capable of fast charging multiple devices simultaneously. It comes with 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A port, becoming a quick-charging charger for your mobile devices. With the inclusion of GaN chips, the Nexode 140W and its family are at the forefront of what fast charging should be. In addition to GaN technology, the Nexode 140W offers features like:

Charging Forward with PD3.1: Power Delivery(PD) 3.1 is the latest in fast charging protocols. With the implementation of this protocol, the Nexode 140W can fast charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro from 0 to 56% in 30 minutes using the Apple C-MagSafe cable. With more tech companies expected to implement this cutting-edge protocol, the Nexode 140W Charger is currently ahead of the curve.

Multiple Ports for Maximum Utility: With the Nexode 140W Charger, providing the right amount of power to three ports is easier than before. Compared to other single-port 140W chargers, the Nexode 140W has 2 type-C ports providing the ability to fast charge two 14-inch laptops simultaneously.

More Charge in a Smaller Package: Portability is important, especially during a time when remote work is becoming more prevalent. The Nexode 140W Charger is 22% smaller than Apple chargers of equivalent wattage, making the 140W particularly easier to pack and carry, and a better companion for consumer charging needs.

Power Displacement & Energy Protection: Featuring the latest in power distribution, the Nexode 140W Charger intelligently distributes the appropriate amount of energy to your device, extending the battery life of your device. Consumers will be welcomed with additional ease of mind knowing that Ugreen’s Thermal GuardTM system scans temperatures 800 times per second, providing first-rate protection from overheating.

GaN & The Nexode Family

GaN, or Gallium Nitride, is the latest in semiconductor compounds with useful applications in radars, satellites, lasers, and now, chargers. With the inclusion of the GaN chips, Nexode chargers provide higher conversion efficiency, smaller size, and better heat dissipation than before.

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