NEW YORK – The “Online Education Market in India by Product and End-user – Forecast and Analysis 2022-2026” has been added to Technavio’s offering. The report predicts the market to witness a potential growth difference of USD 2.28 billion. The market is also anticipated to grow at an accelerating growth momentum at a CAGR of 20% during the forecast period. The content product segment emerged as the highest revenue-generating segment of the online education market in India. Content-based products provide customized content to customers with the help of tools such as big data. Various institutes that offer distance education courses are the key participants in the content-based online education market in India.  The growth of this segment is also fuelled by government initiatives for e-content products, such as Virtual Labs, which provide remote access to labs in various disciplines of science and engineering for students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Online Education Market Scope in India
Report CoverageDetails
Page number120
Base year2020
Forecast period2021-2025
Growth momentum & CAGRAccelerate at a CAGR of 20%
Market growth 2021-2025$ 2.28 billion
Market structureFragmented
YoY growth (%)19.02
Regional analysisIndia
Competitive landscapeLeading companies, Competitive strategies, Consumer engagement scope
Key companies profiledDexler Education Pvt. Ltd., Educomp Solutions Ltd., Indiavidual Learning Pvt. Ltd., Indira Gandhi National Open University, Info Edge (India) Ltd., MPS Interactive Systems Ltd., Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., NIIT Ltd., SMU-DE, and Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd.
Market dynamicsParent market analysis, Market growth inducers and obstacles, Fast-growing and slow-growing segment analysis, COVID 19 impact and recovery analysis and future consumer dynamics, Market condition analysis for the forecast period
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Top 5 Online Education Market Participants:

Aeon Learning Pvt. Ltd.

The company offers a range of options for working professionals ranging from management degrees from prestigious universities to leading-edge technology skills taught by highly specialized mentors. The company offers online education services such as data science courses.

Coursera Inc.

The company operates through key business segments including Consumer, Enterprise, and Degree. The company offers online education services such as python and deep learning courses. The company offers certifications for single courses, specializations and catalog-wide subscriptions, and subscription licenses to business, government and university customers that provide users the ability to enroll in courses and specializations and receive certifications upon completion through different segments

Dexler Education Pvt. Ltd.

The company operates in two different segments including digitized education and education consulting. The company offers online education services such as online education and training courses.

Educomp Solutions Ltd.

The company offers online education products such as digital products and online solutions. These products are for schools, students and governments. The company offers online education services such as solutions for digital education.

Intellipaat Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The company offers most updated, industry-designed certification programs. They offer online education services such as certifications in data science.

Online Education Market Dynamics

Key Trend: The emergence of cloud computing is one of the online education market trends in India. the government has taken initiatives such as the National Digital Library and the National Academic Repository to promote e-learning in institutes. The former aims to provide an online collection of about 6.5 million books, and the latter aims to authenticate certificates issued by institutions.  Furthermore, the adoption of cloud-based learning platforms in the online education market will help in resolving the issue of inadequate infrastructure and security, further increasing the adoption of e-learning in the Indian market.

Key Challenge: The lack of infrastructure and essential learning environment are some of the factors hindering the online education market trends in India. Despite the high adoption of the Internet and smartphones, insufficient infrastructure and learning environments to sustain the market for online education are challenging the growth of the market. facilities such as optical fiber communication and internet service providers are not present in less developed states or remote villages, which might hinder the market’s growth during the forecast period.

Table of Content

1. Executive Summary                           

                1.1 Market Overview

                                Exhibit 01:  Key Finding 1

                                Exhibit 02:  Key Finding 2

                                Exhibit 03:  Key Finding 3

                                Exhibit 04:  Key Finding 5

                                Exhibit 05:  Key Finding 6

2. Market Landscape                             

                2.1 Market ecosystem             

                                Exhibit 06:  Parent market

                                Exhibit 07:  Market characteristics

                2.2 Value chain analysis           

                                Exhibit 08:  Value chain analysis : Education Services

                                2.2.1 Inputs

                                2.2.2 Operations                                                                                                           

                                2.2.3 Marketing and sales

                                2.2.4 Support activities

                                2.2.5 Industry innovations:

3. Market Sizing                       

                3.1 Market definition

                                Exhibit 09:  Offerings of vendors included in the market definition

                3.2 Market segment analysis 

                                Exhibit 10:  Market segments

                3.3 Market size 2021 

                3.4 Market outlook: Forecast for 2021 – 2026 

                                Exhibit 11:  Global – Market size and forecast 2021 – 2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 12:  Global market: Year-over-year growth 2021 – 2026 (%)

4. Five Forces Analysis                          

                4.1 Five Forces Summary        

                                Exhibit 13:  Five forces analysis 2021 & 2026

                4.2 Bargaining power of buyers           

                                Exhibit 14: Bargaining power of buyers

                4.3 Bargaining power of suppliers       

                                Exhibit 15: Bargaining power of suppliers

                4.4 Threat of new entrants    

                                Exhibit 16: Threat of new entrants

                4.5 Threat of substitutes         

                                Exhibit 17: Threat of substitutes

                4.6 Threat of rivalry   

                                Exhibit 18: Threat of rivalry

                4.7 Market condition

                                Exhibit 19:  Market condition – Five forces 2021

5 Market Segmentation by Product                

                5.1 Market segments

                                Exhibit 20:  Product – Market share 2021-2026 (%)

                5.2 Comparison by Product    

                                Exhibit 21:  Comparison by Product

                5.3 Content – Market size and forecast 2021-2026         

                                Exhibit 22:  Content – Market size and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 23:  Content – Year-over-year growth 2021-2026 (%)

                5.4 Services – Market size and forecast 2021-2026        

                                Exhibit 24:  Services – Market size and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 25:  Services – Year-over-year growth 2021-2026 (%)

                5.5 Market opportunity by Product    

                                Exhibit 26:  Market opportunity by Product

6 Market Segmentation by End-user                              

                6.1 Market segments

                                Exhibit 27:  End-user – Market share 2021-2026 (%)

                6.2 Comparison by End-user  

                                Exhibit 28:  Comparison by End-user

                6.3 Higher education – Market size and forecast 2021-2026      

                                Exhibit 29:  Higher education – Market size and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 30:  Higher education – Year-over-year growth 2021-2026 (%)

                6.4 K-12 – Market size and forecast 2021-2026                

                                Exhibit 31:  K-12 – Market size and forecast 2021-2026 ($ million)

                                Exhibit 32:  K-12 – Year-over-year growth 2021-2026 (%)

                6.5 Market opportunity by End-user  

                                Exhibit 33:  Market opportunity by End-user

7. Customer landscape                         

                7.1 Overview

                                Exhibit 34:  Customer landscape

8. Drivers, Challenges, and Trends                   

                8.1 Market drivers     

                                8.1.1 Skill development and employment

                                8.1.2 Government initiatives toward digitization in education

                                8.1.3 Rapid penetration of Internet-enabled devices

                8.2 Market challenges              

                                8.2.1 Lack of infrastructure and essential learning environment

                                8.2.2 Barrier of language because of diversification among learners

                                8.2.3 Accreditation and recognition issue with online certificates

                                Exhibit 35:  Impact of drivers and challenges

                8.3 Market trends      

                                8.3.1 Emergence of cloud computing

                                8.3.2 Growing investment in online education

                                8.3.3 Inclusion of gamification to drive engagement levels

9. Vendor Landscape                             

                9.1 Overview

                                Exhibit 36: Vendor landscape

                                The potential for the disruption of the market landscape was moderate in 2020, and its threat is expected to remain unchanged by 2025. 

                9.2 Landscape disruption        

                                Exhibit 37: ?Landscape disruption?

                                Exhibit 38: Industry risks

                9.3 Competitive Scenario        

10. Vendor Analysis               

                10.1 Vendors covered              

                                Exhibit 39: Vendors covered

                10.2 Market positioning of vendors    

                                Exhibit 40: ?Market positioning of vendors?

                10.3 Aeon Learning Pvt. Ltd.  

                                Exhibit 41:  Aeon Learning Pvt. Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 42:  Aeon Learning Pvt. Ltd. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 43:  Aeon Learning Pvt. Ltd. – Key offerings

                10.4 Coursera Inc.      

                                Exhibit 44:  Coursera Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 45:  Coursera Inc. – Business segments

                                Exhibit 46:  Coursera Inc. – Key news

                                Exhibit 47:   Coursera Inc. – Key offerings

                                Exhibit 48:  Coursera Inc. – Segment focus

                10.5 Dexler Education Pvt. Ltd.             

                                Exhibit 49:  Dexler Education Pvt. Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 50:  Dexler Education Pvt. Ltd. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 51:  Dexler Education Pvt. Ltd. – Key offerings

                10.6 Educomp Solutions Ltd. 

                                Exhibit 52:  Educomp Solutions Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 53:  Educomp Solutions Ltd. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 54:  Educomp Solutions Ltd. – Key offerings

                10.7 Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.   

                                Exhibit 55:  Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 56:  Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 57:  Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. – Key offerings

                10.8 Indira Gandhi National Open University  

                                Exhibit 58:  Indira Gandhi National Open University – Overview

                                Exhibit 59:  Indira Gandhi National Open University – Product and service

                                Exhibit 60:  Indira Gandhi National Open University – Key offerings

                10.9 Intellipaat Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.    

                                Exhibit 61:  Intellipaat Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 62:  Intellipaat Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 63:  Intellipaat Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. – Key offerings

                10.10 Khan Academy Inc.        

                                Exhibit 64:  Khan Academy Inc. – Overview

                                Exhibit 65:  Khan Academy Inc. – Product and service

                                Exhibit 66:  Khan Academy Inc. – Key offerings

                10.11 Reliance Industries Ltd.

                                Exhibit 67:  Reliance Industries Ltd. – Overview

                                Exhibit 68:  Reliance Industries Ltd. – Business segments

                                Exhibit 69:  Reliance Industries Ltd. – Key news

                                Exhibit 70:  Reliance Industries Ltd. – Key offerings

                                Exhibit 71:  Reliance Industries Ltd. – Segment focus

                10.12 upGrad               

                                Exhibit 72:  upGrad  – Overview

                                Exhibit 73:  upGrad  – Product and service

                                Exhibit 74:  upGrad  – Key offerings

11. Appendix                            

                11.1 Scope of the report         

                                11.1.1 Market definition

                                11.1.2 Objectives

                                Notes and caveats

                11.2 Currency conversion rates for US$            

                                Exhibit 75: Currency conversion rates for US$

                11.3 Research Methodology 

                                Exhibit 76: Research Methodology

                                Exhibit 77: Validation techniques employed for market sizing

                                Exhibit 78: Information sources

                11.4 List of abbreviations        

                                Exhibit 79: List of abbreviations

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