With an intent to provide a comprehensive managed support service to businesses, Velocity Technology was founded.

Companies need to focus on their business and do not have the time, expertise nor willingness to invest in what is essential to effectively manage an IT infrastructure. Velocity Technology sees this basic truth and all that it has done and continues to do is designed to address this need. The company focuses on providing secure IT environments and effective, non-disruptive support remotely as a first priority and onsite when needed.

Velocity Technology ensures a secure IT framework for its customers and its reflection can be seen through its partners and certifications with global technology leaders. Considering the novel aspects such as top-notch IT services that are matched to meet the specific needs of businesses, smart offerings with stress-free technological advantages, and its support throughout the Asia Pacific region with engineers and IT Systems experts focused on making businesses effective, efficient and, above all, more secure, The Technology Era has recognized Velocity Technology as “Hong Kong’s Most Trusted Fund & Asset Management Service Provider in 2020”.

Delivering Secure & Effective IT infrastructure

Velocity Technology was spun out of the Velocity Solutions Group of companies to focus on the growing need for secure and effective IT infrastructure management in the small and medium sized enterprise market in Hong Kong and in South East Asia. Velocity Technology manages, maintains and enhances IT infrastructure and applications for clients in Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and major global financial centres.

The clients of Velocity Technology entrust it to securely manage, develop and modernize their I.T. – Infrastructure, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Applications. By leveraging its expertise in general IT and cybersecurity, clients are free to focus their resources on the specific business applications and technologies unique to their business. Its key industries and domain knowledge include Insurance, Banking, Asset Management, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Professional services, Logistics and Social Media. The company has its offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila, while supporting clients in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

According to Velocity Technology, Technology doesn’t have to be a hassle and thus, with its hosted Cloud solutions, the company hosts the software and applications for businesses, so they can avoid the high upfront costs, management and ongoing maintenance of the IT they depend on each and every day. In addition, it provides a fully managed IT system to enable companies to focus on their fund instead of wasting their valuable time looking at the myriad of options that are available. It has used its experience in working with hedge funds and asset managers to create turnkey IT managed services packages that will address all the immediate IT requirements of a startup fund.

An Acknowledged Expert

The inceptive mind behind Velocity Technology is its Executive Director, Stuart Sanders. Velocity Group acquired Stuart Sanders’s company through a merger and placed him at the head of Velocity Technology at its inception. For over 10 years Stuart ran his own company successfully delivering IT solutions to SMEs and Finance industry clients in Hong Kong and merged his team with Velocity in 2011 to create Velocity Technology.

Stuart is a best-selling author on cybersecurity and an acknowledged expert in the field. He has been managing the IT environment of private and listed financial organizations for over 15 years. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Curtin University in Western Australia.

State-of-the-Art IT Solutions

Initially, Velocity Technology would take over the functions of an IT Department for its clients, taking responsibility for pretty well all aspects of IT infrastructure and working with their application vendors to ensure that everything ran smoothly and securely. It still does this but, as it has grown and taken on larger clients, it is increasingly engaged as part of the team, taking over those functions and responsibilities that it is best suited to deliver, and freeing up their people to focus on challenges and issues that are better suited to in-house delivery.

Much of the company’s senior management resources are spent anticipating the changing IT environment and seeking best of breed vendors to work with to deliver its services. Having a mix of western and local management allows Velocity Technology to stay better engaged with what is happening in North America and Europe, while Asia is still a late adaptor to most technology.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Velocity Technology has been focusing on cybersecurity as the primary philosophy behind all that it does well, before most of the rest of the world discovered its importance. Secondly, the company is currently employing more than 20 different best of breed technologies and services to deliver its Systems and Application Management System that it affectionately refers to as SAM.

Besides these, the company belongs to a number of Industry-focused organizations and volunteers its time on certain steering committees looking at issues that impact its clients. For instance, Velocity Technology is a member of AIMA – (Alternative Investment Management Association) and Stuart Sanders has been actively contributing to their efforts in dealing with SFC regulatory changes.

Some Satisfied Clientele

“Velocity Technology has been OTCex HK’s IT service provider since 2010. We are the only Asian branch of a French financial services group and need local expertise in HK. In December 2019 we needed to move office after growing substantially to 30 employees in HK. Velocity Technology knows our IT systems and was the logical choice to manage the IT part of our move that had to happen in one weekend. Velocity’s project management and team of engineers ensured the move happened as smoothly as possible. OTCex HK was up and running on the Monday morning after the move and none of our institutional clients suffered any interruption to their broking services. What was outstanding was how Velocity went the extra mile after the move. We suffered a major electrical issue the weekend after the move and Velocity organized the replacement of the blown circuits. OTCex truly appreciates this work that was performed above expectations. Thank you to all the Velocity Technology staff that worked on this successful project!” -Eric Rabot, CEO, OTCex Hong Kong Limited.

The fact that we have relied on Stuart’s service for twelve years gives an indication of the quality of service and professionalism that he provides. Stuart was first introduced to me in 2004 when I was in the process of moving my business to Hong Kong. Since then he and his team have looked after all aspects of our IT requirements including office moves, database support and generally keeping our IT running smoothly. The fact that we have relied on Stuart’s service for twelve years gives an indication of the quality of service and professionalism that he provides. I have introduced Stuart to friends requiring IT support and would not hesitate to continue to do so going forward.”– David Bulbeck, Managing Director, Executive Impact Limited

“Extremely knowledgeable in a variety of IT and online security matters Stuart and Velocity Technology are an invaluable business resource. Extremely knowledgeable in a variety of IT and online security matters. Velocity managed our computing life from developing high-level corporate IT strategy through design, implementation and infrastructure upkeep and also kept my laptop and email running trouble free for years.”-Alex Hill, Director, Hill Partners Limited.

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