SINGAPORE –¬†Encentive has integrated its Web3 operating system with Alchemy Pay to enable Encentive module builders and end-users to accept fiat and crypto payments on the Encentive platform. Alchemy Pay will add popular alternative fiat payment methods to Encentive, including mobile wallets, Binance Pay and domestic instant transfer services. It will also provide Encentive users with off-ramp capabilities, meaning users can convert their crypto funds into over 100 local fiat currencies and have them deposited directly into their bank accounts.

The tie-up adds momentum to Encentive’s drive to increase crypto adoption and everyday use cases with the Encentive Web3 OS DeFi Module Builder. The Module Builder is a turn-key solution that enables community leaders, influencers, and enterprises to instantly create and customize modules for their own DeFi marketplaces for crypto tokens and NFTs. Encentive’s Web3 OS capabilities include farming, staking, NFT marketplaces, GameFi, OTC, and more. With these tools community leaders can dramatically increase the empowerment and growth potential of the communities they serve. Encentive enables anyone with a community following to create a DEX overnight and customize the DEX’s properties to best serve and incentivize that community.

Alchemy Pay recently extended its partnership with Binance to enable Binance Pay crypto payments for Instpower power banks across 14,000 locations in Japan, Mexico, Austria, Italy, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil and more. Users can now make payments in fiat, stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Alchemy Pay’s fiat-to-crypto ramps allow Encentive users to seamlessly employ DeFi functions that require crypto transactions from their wallet addresses as well as card payment options such as Visa and Mastercard.

Merchant network partners who use Alchemy Pay can accept cryptocurrencies for offline and online payments at a low cost and with convenient conversion to local fiat currency. The all-in-one system also allows merchants and businesses to accept fiat payments via e-wallets and credit and debit cards so that they only require one system for all their needs. Alchemy Pay’s network is supported by its incentivising utility token, ACH, an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Over the past six months, Alchemy Pay has integrated a number of leading cryptocurrencies onto its global crypto-fiat network, including MATIC, TRX, AVAX, VET, and ALGO.

The partnership with Alchemy Pay dramatically expands Encentive’s Web3 OS users and organizations ability to incentivise their communities. Recent developments also include sophisticated DeFi marketplace tools, such as leveraged futures trading, adding to essential functions such as staked and farmed trading pairs, customized liquidity provider fees, native tokens & NFTs, airdrops, and user referral rewards.

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