Work-To-Earn With Hectagon’s Rewards System

KINGSTOWN – On July 4th, 2022, Hectagon decided to soft launch its first product: Rewards System, a work-to-earn mechanism by which users can earn free tokens simply by working on Community campaigns in their profile. 

With the downturn of the market, most investors want to earn more capital to catch the bottom and build up their portfolios.

However, inflation is rapidly increasing making everything more expensive than ever: Gasoline, fuel, food…This leaves people with not enough spare money to invest in their favorite Web3 projects. And that’s why the Rewards System was born.

The Rewards System plays an essential role in Hectagon’s overall protocol. $HECTA (Hectagon’s native token) is based on proof of value contribution with the majority of Hectagon Tokenomics (65%) allocated for Rewards and Incentive purposes. By adding value to grow the protocol and later, the projects backed by Hectagon, users will earn $HECTA for their work.

All these activities will be stored on-chain as a valuable contribution and later, help determine the membership access of the $HECTA holders to the Hectagon investment arm. 

With the Soft Launch before Hectagon Token Sales, users who participate in the Rewards system’s campaign will alternatively receive points that will be converted to $HECTA at TGE.

The Rewards system is introduced with the two first Campaigns – Together we BUIDL aka Deals Referral and Break the ice aka KYC, that successfully passed the voting round from the Campaign team.

With the Rewards systems and Forum introduced in this soft launch, Hectagon welcomes the community to suggest ideas for the next upcoming campaigns.

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