ZEISS to feature progressions in digital and surgical technology at ESCRS 2019

New advanced and industry first solutions from ZEISS will be introduced at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) from September 14 – 18, 2019

PARIS – During the 2019 European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) Annual Meeting in Paris, ZEISS Medical Technology Segment will display new advances propelling the digitalization of eye care and high-goals imaging, helping specialists amplify clinical proficiency and execution.

“Our commitment to developing the best technologies to support the growing needs in patient care is reflected in the new solutions that we will be sharing at ESCRS,” said Jim Mazzo, Global President of Ophthalmic Devices at Carl Zeiss Meditec. “We continue to collaborate with leading doctors, researchers and practitioners to address future-forward trends, such as digitalization, which is reshaping how eye care is practiced today and tomorrow.”

ZEISS presents the ZEISS EQ Workplace®, the most recent expansion to the ZEISS Cataract Suite offering specialists a computerized answer for associate and streamline the refractive waterfall work process. EQ Workplace is intended to make efficiencies for specialists pre-operatively, while giving information openness anyplace, whenever.

The ZEISS ARTEVO® 800, the main computerized magnifying instrument in ophthalmic medical procedure, as of late got CE mark. The ARTEVO 800 was created with specialists for specialists and incorporates coordinated advanced optics for improved computerized perception and cloud availability to the EQ Workplace, giving specialists remote access to persistent information and pictures.

Additionally included at ESCRS is the ZEISS miLOOP®, a small scale interventional gadget intended to convey zero-vitality endocapsular focal point fracture. The miLOOP gadget has gotten CE mark and is currently accessible to specialists in business sectors outside of the USA.

Progressions in ZEISS incorporated symptomatic answers for boosting clinical effectiveness and patient consideration

ZEISS grows its CIRRUS® Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) portfolio with the dispatch of its new CIRRUS® 6000, the people to come, ultra-quick 100kHz framework that vows to drastically hoist the proficiency of occupied, propelled care rehearses. At 100,000 A-Scans every second, picture procurement is amazingly quick. The CIRRUS 6000 OCT sweeps are 270 percent quicker than earlier CIRRUS ages, 43 percent quicker than the CIRRUS 5000 AngioPlex and OCT 3D square outputs can be obtained in as meager as 0.4 seconds. Quicker obtaining likewise implies more picture detail, with improved picture quality because of less movement antiquities.

As per glaucoma authority Dr. I. Paul Singh, MD, of The Eye Centers of Racine and Kenosha, with the CIRRUS 6000 his staff can filter patients a lot quicker with improved imaging quality. “The speed and nature of the sweep enables me to analyze the patient in less time, amplify stream of the center, and furnish patients with an upgraded and custom-made treatment plan,” said Singh.

Another real advantage of the CIRRUS 6000 is that it permits consistent exchange of crude patient information from past ages of the CIRRUS. This guarantees the capacity to dissect old, new, and future patient information is saved.

“Our extensive OCT framework gives specialists a high-performing OCT, with demonstrated examination and a patient-first structure to amplify clinical effectiveness and patient consideration,” said Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec. “The CIRRUS 6000 tends to the difficulties of eye care experts empowering them to augment time, while keeping up an elevated requirement of consideration.”

Joined with the new form of the ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace, a ground-breaking programming answer for glaucoma the executives. The ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace incorporates diagnostics information from different gadgets to help specialists streamline complex investigation. The new form of the ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace includes another Progression Summary report with “special case based” cautions that naturally shows factually noteworthy change in basic estimations, for example, Visual Field, RNFL, GCL, C/D Ratio and IOP change. The ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace conveys another degree of productivity for glaucoma information examination.

ZEISS raises cut lights to the following level: ZEISS SL 800 joins uncommon optical execution and convenience

ZEISS divulges its exceptional cut light SL 800 that takes into consideration remarkable perception with incredibly high difference and goals. Its ZEISS TrueView optics gives consistent with life shading pictures that empower clinicians to reveal analytic subtleties. Broad light alternatives coordinate every single clinical need. “No other cut light so far had the option to raise the various structures of the focal point so well,” enthuses Dr. prescription. Bianca Apitzsch, Eye Care Center ‘Augenzentrum am Johannisplatz’, Leipzig, Germany. The exceptional VarioLight highlight joins all points of interest of LED and halogen enlightenment qualities. Clinicians benefit from a more keen and more clear see, just as an increasingly common fundus impression.

In view of a settled pinnacle type activity, the ZEISS SL 800 offers extra creative and ergonomic work process enhancements that streamline the clinician’s assessment. ZEISS SL 800 is advanced for one hand activity, it is outfitted with AutoView, a mechanized two-catch component for changing amplification directly beside the joystick, and an electronic Quick Stop brake. These new SL 800 work process upgrades help the specialist center around the patient.

By consolidating splendid optical execution, mechanical exactness and exceptional haptics, ZEISS SL 800 sets another standard in cut lights.

ZEISS commends achievement with more than 2 million SMILE® medications around the world

Proceeding with their administration in laser vision remedy, the organization is celebrating 2 million Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE®) medicines to date. SMILE® is being utilized by in excess of 2000 specialists worldwide crosswise over in excess of 70 nations and has started a clinical preliminary in hyperopic patients.

SMILE®, an insignificantly intrusive corneal refractive technique is performed by utilizing the VisuMax® femtosecond laser by making a slim plate molded lenticule inside the cornea, which is then evacuated through a little cut, accordingly accomplishing the ideal vision revision. SMILE® requires just a single laser to play out the whole arrangement leaving the external corneal layer to a great extent unblemished, in this manner possibly adding to the cornea’s biomechanical and refractive solidness after medical procedure.

ZEISS will exhibit the EQ Workplace®, ARTEVO® 800, CIRRUS® 6000, CLARUS® 700, Glaucoma Workplace, Retina Workplace, Slit Lamp 800, VisuMax® and other leader items in Booth # E100 in Hall 7.2 at the ESCRS from September 14 – 18, 2019.

For more data, visit www.zeiss.com/meditec/

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