NEW YORK – The NFT minting platform Hypercube is pleased to announce its public launch with Chrysanthemum: The Heart-Centered Drop. Founded by tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee and a team of generative art enthusiasts in 2021, Hypercube is a minting platform for complex, on-chain art projects. Committed to innovation and inclusivity on the blockchain, the platform is excited to partner with artists venturing into the digital space from diverse backgrounds. Beyond the traditional “cube” of galleries and institutions, Hypercube bridges the gap between fine art and the rapidly evolving landscape of technologically-engaged art. The artists on Hypercube are pushing the boundaries of technology and pioneering a new genre of art, powered by the advanced infrastructure of the platform and its expert team.

For its inaugural drop, Hypercube collaborated with Luminance and TRIPP to turn generative art into regenerative sustainability. Chrysanthemum: The Heart-Centered Drop is the first collection of generative, biometric, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which incorporate biofeedback to guide breathing and support wellness. Created in partnership with TRIPP, the fastest-growing XR wellness platform, and the design studio, Luminance, the collection of biometric NFTs will be minted on Hypercube’s platform. The joint launch offers an invitation for collectors to merge the body, mind, heart, and breath together in harmony. The project is on a mission to drive global connection through shared intention, attention, and breath, with 10% of the proceeds going toward regenerative farming projects.

Chrysanthemum: The Heart-Centered Drop is designed by Daniel Friedman of Luminance with sound design by David Starfire of TRIPP. An edition of 1,440 NFTs (representing the total number of minutes we have in a day and an implicit reminder to be as present, healthy, and inspired as possible during that time) are available for minting at a price of 0.25 ETH. The collection leverages science and research-backed biofeedback to support interactive, meditative experiences. This genesis collection allows collectors to access an immersive web & IRL audio-visual biofeedback journey guided by their own hearts. After pairing with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, the colors and patterns of the Chrysanthemum NFT respond in real time. For further immersion, collectors can enable audio feedback to listen to sound frequencies generated by their own heartbeats, with a sound and music library provided by GRAMMY-nominated artists, for a unique experience with every session.

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