LONDON- Innovation is driving change at pace. In a world that has seen Covid, conflict and climate change, it can be hard to guess what may happen next month, let alone look ahead to the middle of the 21st century. The future lies in the hands of the innovators, financiers and thought leaders with a vision for the future. What kind of a world are they creating?

Vision 2045, a series of documentaries devised by award-winning production company TBD Media Group, meets the people who are building the future of the planet today. Through compelling interviews and footage from the front line of the innovation space, viewers will have a glimpse of the future as it is being built around us.

Paolo Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group says:

“We know that the winners in a disrupted situation are those who grasp the new opportunities as they arise rather than seek to turn back the clock. Vision 2045 shows how today’s thought leaders are taking brave strides in making the world they imagine a reality and building a sustainable, fairer world for everyone.”

Zanini says that Vision 2045 gives an insight into the thought leaders driving change:   

“TBD Media Group’s team of talented filmmakers has crossed the globe to seek out and  capture these stories for audiences hungry to learn about where we are going as a planet.  Our ambition is to inspire people to see the positive changes in the world and to have faith that a better future is not only possible, it is being built right now. We need to lend our own support, enthusiasm and ideas to reach our goals as a human family.”

The Vision 2045 documentary series examines how today’s thought leaders are developing the technologies of today to provide a roadmap for the future. 

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