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We all know how fast a child can learn something new. But did you know that early childhood experiences contribute majorly to a child’s cognitive, creative, analytical, emotional, and motor skill development? Maple Bear‘s Canadian Faculty, who design and write the curriculum, recognizes the importance of a strong educational foundation starting at preschool.

The Seed of an Idea

Maple Bear came into being when the Canadian Education Centre Network (CECN) began to see a rise in the demand for high-quality education across the globe. CECN was a Canadian NGO supported by the Government of Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and was entrusted with the marketing of Canadian education to attract foreign students to Canadian schools and universities. Upon realizing the huge market for high-quality bilingual Canadian education potential emerging from middle class parents, Maple Bear Global Schools was born.

Journey to a Sapling

This seed of an idea was taken and nurtured rigorously. In 2005, the first Maple Bear school was launched in Indirapuram, New Delhi, India. Soon after, in 2007, Maple Bear became a privately owned company with a dozen more schools operating in South Korea, Brazil, and India. Rising demand for bilingual Canadian education and exceptional reviews from parents formed the foundation for the trailblazing expansion that the company saw in the following years.

The Present Day

Currently, there are 550+ Maple Bear schools spread all over the world, educating 44,000+ students. Maple Bear takes in infants, toddlers, pre-school kids, elementary level students, as well as high schoolers. This substantial presence of Maple Bears can be mapped in more than 30+ countries including the USA, UAE, Singapore, and Vietnam. In the upcoming years, Maple Bear plans to continue its expansion in countries such as Australia, Albania, Spain, and Portugal.

The Franchise Model Mechanism

Maple Bear Global Schools has a successful franchise model, in which they work with regional partners either in a Joint Venture or through a Master Franchise agreement. These partners work with local school owners and franchisees to build the Maple Bear brand and education system all over the world. These schools pay royalties to Maple Bear to gain access to their renowned curriculum and education system. This also includes ongoing professional education for teachers and non-teaching staff, annual quality assurance reviews to maintain their customer experience, access to the Maple Bear proprietary platform to keep up with their latest news and updates, detailed ‘how-to’ guides for all areas of operation, and the rights to use the Maple Bear brand.

About The CEO

Arno Krug began his journey with Maple Bear in 2017 by leading operations in Latin America before he was selected for the role of Global CEO. His impressive past experience includes working with brands such as ALL Logistics, AB Inbev, Pearson PLC, and Wall Street English. Arno Krug wears multiple hats simultaneously to ensure seamless functioning of Maple Bear Global Schools. He oversees Maple Bear’s structure, budgets, KPI management, and financial sustainability and works closely with existing joint venture partners and builds new strategic relationships to drive growth in the number of Maple Bear schools and students.

From Sapling to Tree: A Trailblazing Journey

Under Krug’s leadership, Maple Bear has signed 60 new franchise agreements in the past year alone, expanding their operations to 10 more countries. The magnitude of this impressive feat becomes much more apparent after taking into consideration the fact that Maple Bear achieved this growth during a global pandemic.

In just over a decade, Maple Bear has established an undeniable presence in more than 32 countries, opening close to 550 schools. One of the primary reasons behind this impressive rate of success is the fact that they also teach personal responsibility in their classrooms and global responsibility outside of class to students of all age groups. The curriculum creation process is unique to Maple Bear because it celebrates active involvement from faculty members and expert educators, from Canada and around the globe.

Owner Testimonial

“My experience collaborating with Maple Bear CEE starting from the first day has been exceptional. Together we are bringing Maple Bear to Croatia, in Velika Gorica. I would not only define their business approach as being expert and professional, but they are also open, transparent,nd friendly. The Maple Bear team is always available, regardless of the time of day, which for me sets this organization apart from others.

We collaborate efficiently and transparently to solve problems quickly. All my inquiries are being handled with adequate attention and care. They have exceeded my expectations, and as a result, it is a pleasure and an honour to work with them.

Sanja Marinović, Croatia
Maple Bear Central & Eastern Europe

Parent Testimonials (USA):

“We chose Maple Bear because we automatically noticed the warmth of the facility. The teachers here give a lot of individual attention, and that was very important to us” – Angel

“You’ll go pick up the child and they’re dancing and yelling, so you know that they’re having a good time. And they still come home singing the ABCs, which is huge when you’re two years old.” – Meghan

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