LOS ANGELES – Sylvox, a global leading smart TV R&D, manufacturing, and Internet application development services company, recently announced the official release of its latest slimmer and lighter 3rd generation Outdoor TV. This is an Outdoor TV that can work in the extreme environment such as heavy rain, heat, sand, ice, and snow for a long time. It still ensures stability in the case of rapid changes in climate and temperature differences between -35°C and 50°C.

Applicable in all Outdoor Environments

More and more families are willing to spend more time in back gardens, swimming pools, open-air balconies, rooftops and other places to enjoy outdoor fun activities such as swimming, BBQ, and sports.

In order to meet the needs of users for watching movies at any time and anywhere, with its 13 years of experience in special TV production, Sylvox has launched a more powerful 3rd generation of outdoor TV with foresight, creativity, and determination in view of the complexity and variability of the outdoor environment so that users no longer need to worry about the effect of possible rain, exposure, corrosion, scratches, dust to the TV and enjoy a happy outdoor time.

The Best Sun, Water, and Corrosion Resistant Outdoor TVs

The Sylvox DECK series outdoor TVperform better than other outdoor TVs on the market. It has better sun protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, and scratch-resistant performance, it also has stronger heat dissipation of the TV inside, longer service life as well as a smoother system, and more genuine APPs.

Unique Thermal Technology

The Sylvox outdoor TVs can work stably under the hot sun with its 2 mm aluminum heat dissipation bar, Low power lamp with low heat Anti-exposure process, screen direct heat dissipation function, customized motherboard cooling system, Built-in adjustable fans and cabinet vent design.

Long Lasting

The internal circuit boards and main boards have undergone special protection treatment and are all coated with special paint, which is moisture resistant, anti-corrosion resistance and dust protection, ensuring the stability in the case of extreme environments.

True Waterproof TVs

The Sylvox deck series model is a truly waterproof outdoor TV, with IP55 waterproof and dustproof grade, and thanks to the excellent one-piece forming process, hidden waterproof splicing and opening, and professional waterproof adhesive bonding, it can work perfectly in heavy rain for a long time.

Other products with poor waterproof performance, such as rain or splashing water, may cause short circuits, damage to internal parts, and even electric shock.

Anti-Scratch Technology

The body of Sylvox outdoor TV adopts diamond paint anti-scratch coating, the advanced anti-scratch technology protects the TV body from metal scratches, it can be used 8 years still as new due to its scratch-resistant surface treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and no discoloration technology.

Other products with imperfect housing protection may be more prone to bumps, rust, discoloration, deformation and scratches in complex outdoor environments.

Thinner and lighter Outdoor TVs

The Sylvox outdoor TV adopt a lighter aluminum back panel and ultra-thin design process which make the product lighter and thinner, fits the wall more space-saving, and more beautiful.

Better Compatibility Streaming TVs

Sylvox outdoor TV adopt streaming technology, compatible with a variety of home entertainment devices, such as external DVD, MP4, speakers, etc., Realize the synchronous control and volume synchronous adjustment function of external devices, seamlessly connect your digital life into one.

Genuine Netflix license

Pre-install genuine Netflix, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AccuWeather, Mirroacast RX, Vudu and other mainstream software.

Amazing Price

The third generation of Sylvox Outdoor TV, featuring two products of the DECK series and the upgraded QLED series, adopts the same fine manufacturing process.

The DECK series focuses on comprehensive quality improvement and is more cost-effective. On the basis of the advantages of the DECK series, the QLED series adds QLED display technology. The brightness and color saturation are 50% higher than traditional LED screens, which are more suitable for the pursuit of perfect display buyers.

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