TAIPEI – NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, continues to collaborate with Arm and NXP on developing network appliances paired up with standard operating systems for wireless broadband applications. DTA 1376 is a desktop uCPE appliance with an NXP® Semiconductor’s Layerscape® LS1046A SoC processor containing quad 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores inside and has recently obtained the Arm SystemReady™ ES (Embedded Server) certification. DTA 1376 is a ready-to-deploy solution and its highlights include cost-effectiveness, power efficiency, flexibility, and software-friendliness. Other notable value-added features are Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity, which are essential in the IoT world.

DTA 1376 is powered by an NXP® Layerscape® processor offering DPAA (data path acceleration architecture) to provide a set of networking accelerations and integrates all aspects of packet processing in the SoC. This Arm-based uCPE features seven 1GbE copper ports for Ethernet connectivity, together with optional support for wireless connectivity, the total number of connected devices can be significantly increased. DTA 1376 demands comparatively low energy consumption and helps CommSPs to reduce power usage and therefore achieve a ‘greener’ deployment. Furthermore, in a PoE PD (powered device) mode, it requires just 30W to be powered on.

“DTA 1376 is our second Arm SystemReady certified appliance,” said Jovanni Lee, VP of Network & Communication Solutions at NEXCOM. “DTA 1376 and NSA 6310 are both Arm-based, cost-effective solutions serving different purposes, yet put together into one network infrastructure they boost their efforts and help customers to lower their carbon footprint and save efforts on software tuning.”

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