THNDR Games Launches New Bitcoin Game To Bring Bitcoin To The World

LONDON – THNDR Games, the leading bitcoin game company building mobile bitcoin games and tools, announced the release of their newest game, Club Bitcoin: Solitaire. This release aims to bring free bitcoin to wider audiences: specifically female audiences and emerging markets.

THNDR’s efforts to bring free bitcoin to the world through play is working. Over 80% of THNDR’s users are new to bitcoin and earn their first free bitcoin in THNDR’s play-to-earn bitcoin games. With around 60% of THNDR’s users located in emerging markets, Club Bitcoin: Solitaire is THNDR’s next step in bringing free bitcoin to the world.

With soaring global smart device penetration rates, 2.6 billion people worldwide are playing mobile games. Interestingly, 63% of those users are women and the fastest growth is happening in emerging markets. Free-to-play mobile bitcoin games provide the perfect platform for bringing free bitcoin to traditionally underrepresented audiences.

Solitaire, and classic card games in general, have mass appeal and are consistently among the most popular apps in the app store. They also serve as a safe, familiar, and fun environment for users to learn about bitcoin and earn their first free bitcoin. Bitcoin games are the key to bringing free bitcoin to the world.

THNDR is bringing bitcoin to the world through play, offering world-class mobile games and bitcoin tools for developers and businesses.

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