Tile Launches Lost And Found Labels Alongside Signature Bluetooth Trackers, Creating A Comprehensive Lost And Found Network

SAN FRANCISCO – Tile, a Life360 company and the pioneer in finding technology, today announces the launch of Lost and Found Labels. Available now online on Tile.com, Lost and Found Labels combine an adhesive QR code Label with the free Tile app to connect owners and finders. Lost and Found Labels are Tile’s latest solution to aid in its mission of keeping everyone connected to the things they love by simplifying the return of lost items to their owners.

Lost and Found Labels allow owners to attach the QR code Label to important items, and add contact information with a personalized message through the free Tile app. If the item is lost, the finder can simply scan the QR code Label, clearly marked with the Tile logo, view the provided contact information, and return the item. Lost and Found Labels offer a discreet solution for adding identifiable information to items where Bluetooth trackers are not the right option. This reduces the time it takes to be reunited with lost items, and provides owners with peace of mind that if important items go missing, they will make it home. Items that would be a fit for Lost and Found Labels include school books, travel mugs, musical instruments, sports equipment, and earbud cases.

“The addition of Lost and Found Labels to Tile’s product suite enhances our global network by making all important items findable,” said Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life360 Chris Hulls. “This is the first of many steps Life360 and Tile combined are taking to make every day easier with ways to stay organized, connected with family members, and safe.”

Tile began incorporating QR codes on the back of Bluetooth devices in 2021 to support the return of lost items. Lost and Found Labels are Tile’s first stand-alone QR code-style adhesive, making Tile’s family of products that much more versatile to help users keep track of their favorite items. Tile’s entire product line comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles, including the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker.

Lost and Found Labels are available in forest, plum and teal colors and can be purchased at Tile.com.

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